Homicidal Terrahawk
Sep 11 2019

My buddy is a lifelong packers fan (even though he’s from Long Island?), goes to philly for a packers eagles game when he’s like nine with his dad. He’s wearing a giant cheese head and is being interviewed by some local news channel when Eagles fans run up, take his cheese head and throw it on the ground. His Dad then Read more

Jul 4 2019

we have trauma surgeons and anesthesiologists that appear on scene for those types if theres time, but often time, you don’t...

Aug 5 2018

No love for the man in the hat at the beginning of the video? I have been watching him yell at the beginning of the clip- its the perfect commentary to the action.

May 18 2015

Only Ronaldo would get more flack for celebrating a crazy achievement like the golden boot than Cesc would get for putting his team at a disadvantage by getting a red card for intentionally lobbing a ball into someones head during a stoppage.

Apr 30 2015

The greatest “oh god I hope he doesn’t eff this up” was when he scored in the champions league semi final against Barcelona and Gary Neville had an orgasm. It’s important to also remember that Chelsea was down to 10 men because that clown British commentators like to call “oak hearted,” whatever that means, John Terry Read more

Apr 6 2015

Dwight Howard is tough only in relation to that vine of James Harden flinching in pain after Kevin McHale tapped his shoulder.

Feb 28 2015

"the only negative is now I am hungry." -God I love fox sports and their awful/often oblivious commentating.

Feb 14 2015

I really wish they only invites professional athletes from other sports to play. That way instead of Anthony Anderson and Abhishek Bachchan (bollywood) sitting on the bench, we could have Gronk dunking on Serena Williams.

Jan 26 2015

my first instinct was Jon Jones, but he he's no Zlatan. Jon Jones will just berate you then physically make you look stupid. Zlatan is clever enough to make you look stupid before making you drop your jaw in awe of his skill.

Jan 23 2015

Cantona was the definition of the "don't even care" sunglasses meme. Also the nike soccer commercial where 1994 or 1998 world all stars are playing demons from hell is the greatest ad of all time due to Cantona's ending "au revoir" scene.

Jan 19 2015

Having become an Arsenal fan after Thierry Henry left the club, I am part of the generation of Arsenal Fans who have only known being trophy-less (until last year). Yesterday was one of the most rewarding wins second to only the 2nd leg of the year we beat Bayern 2-0 at home, but still loss on aggregate. I am so used Read more