The Space Pope
10/01/17 12:27PM

That’s what made it so scary. Here’s this blood red horseless carriage, roaming the streets of Paris and slaying those who get in its way.

10/01/17 11:53AM

I share a birthday with Dumas, who’s oddly enough pretty much the only cool guy from July 24th. Meanwhile, the women include the likes of Zelda Fitzgerald, Amelia Earhart, Kristen Chenoweth, Jennifer Lopez, and Mara Wilson.

10/01/17 11:37AM

I had no idea that Dumas wrote Christine. I didn’t even think they had cars yet.

9/30/17 7:22PM

The main problem is that the typical phrasing is misleading. It’s usually phrased as “Monty opens one of the other doors,” when it would be more accurate to say “Monty opens all of the other doors except one.” Of course, when the total number of doors is 3, those are the same thing, but if the number of doors exceeds Read more

9/30/17 7:16PM

The Monty Hall problem is one of my favorite logic problems and even if it is admittedly counterintuitive, it’s especially fascinating how many otherwise intelligent people will double down on arguing that the correct answer is wrong no matter what proof they are offered. Let’s Make a Deal was a great home sick from Read more

9/30/17 7:06PM

Was he the Greatest of All Time, Greatest of All Time or a car? You get two chances.

9/30/17 4:17PM

It’s actually not bad at all, especially when you compare it to other ranked modes in online shooters. Folks all over the skill spectrum like to play competitive Overwatch, so after a session or two the system gets pretty good at matching you up with folks at your level. Plus, folks tend to work together and Read more

9/30/17 10:11AM

“the grand MCU tradition of painting actual people of color green or blue instead of letting them be who they are.” Read more

9/30/17 1:08AM

Kaley Cuoco? I thought Isabelle Cornish was the Melissa Benoist of Earth 2.
Read more

9/29/17 11:40PM

I just hope when they eventually bring the new Ms. Marvel to the screen, they follow her initial run of comics and give her Lockjaw as a partner for a while.

9/29/17 7:58PM

I hope so. A full-cheddar chamber would at least give the color a story-specific reason for being thus.

9/29/17 7:44PM

Bully 2 rumours have been swirling around for a while. I don’t know if the original’s misanthropic tone would play well in today’s climate, but I’d be interested to see what a sequel is like nonetheless. Read more

9/29/17 5:25PM

It’s tough to figure out how to navigate the sometimes-hostile world of online gaming with strangers. Even if you’re able to avoid or circumvent all the open disdain for women, minorities, and other marginalized folks in matchmade games, you’re still often paired with people who turn toxic at the first sign of Read more

9/29/17 4:30PM

Hey Gameologerinos! Just a reminder that voting is now ongoing for the next game that the Gameological Steam group is going to discuss in its book club for video games, the Revue Club. Cast your votes here. We’re also still discussing Binary Domain, if you’re interested. Read more