Oct 29

“The Girl Scouts celebrate Griselda Blanco, a strong woman who dominated in a career that was once thought of as something only men can do!” Read more

Oct 26

Dear God, “ambulant orange colostomy bag" is truly the most accurate description of Trump I've heard yet! My apologies to colostomy bags, however, for being lumped in with such an odious cretin. At least colostomy bags help people.

Oct 26

He was as likely to say any of the above as he is likely to fly under his own power. He considers himself to be the smartest person ever, so is incapable of listening to someone give him advice. He doesn’t think he need to make concessions to those who have been impacted economically, because he’s not one of them, so Read more

Oct 24

Talked to my sister on the phone tonight. She’s voting for Biden but she dislikes Harris. I asked why and she said “she’s a communist.” I was like, “WHAT? Citation needed.” I told her to stay away from whatever websites are slinging that crap.

Oct 23

Although even this is misleading. An uparmored Humvee or Five Ton truck isn’t technically a weapon, but Ukraine can put weapons on the turret. They can load it up with ammo or fresh troops to bring to combat. They can use it to tow a cannon. The Obama administration did supply Ukraine with military equipment, just not Read more

Oct 22

That was helpful thanks :)

One last question tho, during the recounts and everything, will he still be officially president ?

Or does the first result is accepted, and then corrected if need be ?

My country doesn’t do recount, this is very new and weird to me, there is one decision, and that’s that, no courts, no Read more

Oct 21

You are exactly right. The worst that can happen is that he demands recounts in certain states. (Each state has their own laws about how that is handled, so he can’t just do a general recount.) In 2000, this was done. Then they demanded another recount. I don’t remember how many times that happened, but eventually the Read more

Oct 21

This sounds so familiar! It sounds like...like...wait...I’ll remember...oh yeah, it sounds like promising a toddler throwing a tantrum in a store an ice cream if they stop screaming. When what you should do is leave your shopping, unceremoniously hoist the toddler onto your hip, walk outside, wrestle the kid into the Read more

Oct 17

Trump has normalized people embracing their nastier self. These past four/five years have been a slide into a Lord of the Flies mentality that can feel overwhelmingly bleak to those who have held on to their decency. There are plenty of people in this world who only act decently because they worry someone is watching Read more

Oct 17

Is it possible that she just doesn’t say the quiet part out loud to you? But has surrounded herself with other people who do.....?

Oct 15

Awww man, rat heartbreak is REAL. Tho I did have one rat, my best rat, who lived 4 years and 3 months, and survived a stroke at three years. She outlived all her babies (I was younger and more foolish and didn’t know she was female when I got her as a companion rat to my males... neither did the pet store so there’s Read more

Oct 14

Barrett could hoik up her handmaiden dress, shit in her hand and paint Ted Cruz in ‘brownface’ while chanting in tongues and the GOP would still softball the yutz in.

Oct 12

He keeps refusing to get tested. Hmmmm....I wonder why? Really, if he suspects it’s COVID (or even the flu!) he has no business spewing his germs everywhere. These people are murderers.