Hip Brooklyn Stereotype
8/28/18 12:42PM

If you hate being tried in the “court of public opinion” (while facing basically no other consequences) try to imagine not receiving a trial at all, and having a cop serve as judge, jury, and executioner. So much focus on the 1st and 2nd amendment, so little on the 6th.

8/28/18 12:13PM

Somebody who really knows how to write cynical dark comedies (Coen Bros, perhaps?) needs to write a script telling the story of this bitch and her perceived persecution complex - and then cast Allison Janney (the resmblance is uncanny); Oscar #2 waiting to happen.

8/28/18 12:06PM

Oh my fucking god. The persecution complex is so fucking REAL with these assholes. 

8/28/18 11:39AM

If I asked my coworkers to call me something I expect them to have the respect to call me that, much less someone I’m hiring. I don’t see why it’s controversial at all. Read more

8/28/18 10:48AM

Any little thing she does, like a fairly reasonable request that they call her Ms. Hill, is amplified because she is black and female. Read more

6/25/18 10:59AM

People who think their feelings are more important that providing healthcare to a person should not work in healthcare in any capacity.

4/27/18 12:15PM

It’s something that Germans and 8-yr. olds do. As we all know, Trump is a childish Nazi.

4/12/18 2:18PM

You don’t see chainsaws or ATVs in Manhattan, BKLYN, LA, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Portland, Austin, Miami etc et... so I disagree. It is very abnormal to own chainsaws and ATVs. Same is true for guns.

4/12/18 1:53PM

To own a gun is to normalize gun ownership. That is a problem. Owning a gun is a problem. Gun owners are the problem.

4/12/18 1:36PM

He caused that second situation and you think that should scare him into needing protection? HE CAUSED IT.

4/06/18 12:30PM

Am I missing something, or do the photo caption of the homeless person and the Racked interview say opposite things? Wait, I think I get it. He took a stealth photo of someone, wrote a virtue-signaling caption, got called out for the photo being disrespectful, and in defending himself showed his dark underbelly by Read more

2/22/18 6:15PM

When Mike Pence takes pictures of bound and gagged women and uses them for blackmail, he at least makes sure Mother is in the room.

2/14/18 5:29PM

I chanted USA USA after reading that and now I’m afraid I might be a puppy booer

2/14/18 12:48PM

Shit. I hope this girl has a good support system and she deletes all of her social media accounts, or at least doesn’t look at them for awhile. Because, and I really hope I’m wrong, I am sure all of the crazy stans of Gigi and Bella are going to flood her with the most vile abuse for going public with this. I hope she Read more