Aug 22 2017

I am a trash human being and fucking love mayo, and I would never in a million years put it on a peanut butter sandwich. What the fuck.

Aug 14 2017

The Globo-Corpo-Homo-Judeo establishment. Honestly that sounds fantastic. I want in. I’m going to start using that for positive things.

Jul 27 2017

Lord. White-womaning act like the kid who didn’t want or notice a toy until some other kid started playing with it.

Jul 19 2017

How are people so stupid they voted for or even still support this clown. He is embarrassing the US to a degree that it will take years to try and recover from.

Jul 17 2017

“Mikey... Mikey... we never told you that you were adopted. We figured you knew... You’re a 50-year-old man. This never dawned on you?” Read more

Jul 15 2017

...we’re gonna overlook the fact that the trailer contains yet another use of an edgy remake of a familiar pop song as its background music.
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Jul 10 2017

The White Feminism here is most particularly glaring when the The Root and Jezebel cover the same incident/event without sharing articles. Read more