Sep 16

She definitely sounds a little... weathered? Especially in Orpheus. I think it works for the episode, though.

Sep 13

As unusually enjoyable as the comments have been this week.  You just sold me on pursuing a full race replay instead of highlights package.  

Sep 11

Dealers also solve HUGE financial challenges for the manufacturers... making the dealer-owners buy the real estate, build the dealer facility, equip the shops, deal with P&Z, handle financing....stock parts, hire and fire techs. The list of “stuff GM doesn’t have to worry about” is pretty long. Read more

Sep 11

On the second question: I would never bring cash with me for a private sale. Read more

Sep 10

I updated mine to thedrive.com

Sep 9

I’m with you, as another person whose repairs sometimes turn into a way bigger deal than they should be, because I was impatient.

Sep 8

People in Manhattan aren’t all hanging out at a Smashmouth concert at the same time because 1)Its a total disregard for social distancing. 2)They aren’t that lame.

Sep 8

Thank you for the penguin. Was gonna have to burn my eyes out, otherwise.

Sep 8

It’s a hospital. It should lose money every time it treats a patient. The issue is that in America we are looking at health care as a for-profit industry. It shouldn’t be.

Sep 4

You’ve met the Jalop community, right? ‘Esoteric comment about random minutiae’ is kind of the reason the website exists. 

Sep 2

It has less to do with being a “liberal” city and more to do with the fact that much of the city’s expansion during the latter half of the 19th and early half of the 20th centuries was entirely unplanned. Things were built as they needed to be. The different boroughs essentially operated autonomously, meaning hardly Read more

Sep 1

The media usually only covers incidents when something bad happens and/or is unusual. Read more

Sep 1

If I have to ask Jeeves to open the door - he’s not paying attention - and it will be his last time opening the door. 

Sep 1

Do the cops you know talk about the “bad apples” in their precinct? I guarantee they know exactly who they are. Do they report them? No? Then they’re part of the problem.

Aug 24

He probably keeps a jar of Pure Michigan rust flakes in the cup holder, just to make himself feel at home.

Aug 23

It’s funny you bring this up! I was just talking with someone else about these the other day. These are actually extremely reliable. I can’t even name a common engine or drivetrain issue at all. I’ve definitely seen failures here and there, but for good reason, i.e. some dumbass did something or it was an early build Read more

Aug 22

Obviously it’s because they only have 33 places on the position pylon!

Aug 19

My takeaway is that the Changli’s quality is about in line with my Fiesta ST’s after 3 months..

Aug 26 2019

Only kittens and perverts