Sky Higa

It’s not fair to compare luxury cars to non luxury make cars. If you’re going from an audi, something like a lexus or acura would be more comparable. 

Nismo no longer sponsors the channel. Currently, Motorsport TV has coverage of it for free

Raphael- The GT500 class cars all make over 600 horsepower now. The “500" no longer indicates the horsepower. Especially since GT300 class cars have around 500, and the GT500 cars pass them with ease. 

People judge it before they drive it. The people who’ve driven it like it

GS F would like to disagree. Smoky drifts and burnouts are a treat in that

If carmakers barely can sell subcompacts like the fit, imagine how little numbers of kei cars they would sell

This year the privateer lmp1's are much closer. They qualified times faster than the porsche 919, which was a factory run hybrid, which is crazy

The only question mark is the switch to torsion beam rear suspension.... Obvious cost cutting there unfortunately. 

amen. The beauty of LA is its diversity-diversity in people, cuisine, and cars also. you can see exotics anywhere, but LA has something for everyone in terms of cars

No. Some people actually rarely even drive on the freeways. You have to remember that “LA” is absolutely huge, and it really depends on where you live in. The places like where these photos are taken can get quite crowded but it gets more manageable when you get down to the south bay near Long Beach/carson/torrance. 

Because Jalopnik writers are white as hell and only hang around the beverly part of rodeo lol

a couple in mexico and latin america, if I’m correct. That is, if you mean WRC events

Well, the main problem is emissions. Like, Mazda had to stop selling the RX-8 in Europe because it wouldn’t pass them there. How are they going to possibly get a new wankel engine car out when emissions have only gotten stricter?

True, but how much do those JHMCS’s cost? Although FIA grade race helmets are expensive, they would end up costing a fortune if they came with such miliatary-grade integrated systems

a 3-door hatch? it looks more like a CRX top me

Bad take here. FIND A NEW SLANT lol. F1 has always been two tiered. In fact, you could say it was worse in the past. Research the gaps between top teams and smaller teams in the past, and you’ll find similar, if not larger gaps. The cutting edge nature of F1 unfortunately makes this a reality, as naturally a team with Read more

They got 4th place in Bahrain. They aren’t as bad as you think

To be fair though, The FT-1 was just a design concept. No car was actually being developed at that point

This was one of the shorter races in the season. The longer 500 races and the 1000km one are really where the 2 driver dynamic make more sense.

Keep in mind ESPN payed basically nothing for the F1 tv rights, since liberty media just wanted someone who would let them launch their own streaming app.