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Woe to thee who stubs their shin or toe on that pointy studded marvelous wonder. Read more

Because none of them grew mature enough to handle interpersonal relationships and responsibilities, its a self-feeding idolatry that allows like-minded individuals, kids, teens, etc to fund their bad repeating habits. Nothing can’t be done when they have their money fort to sit back on, when they lose that look how Read more

Shown were their training days.

High School Kid - getting into anime, Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Ninja Scroll, Princess Mononoke then . . . . boom Grave of the Fireflies, I was never the same.

Needs appropriate mini-figs and floating door. Read more

I’ll wait for the RGB LED Limited edition Pulsing Haptic-Feedback ones . . . . . . /s Read more

Charlie came back to life, took the wife and kids. Read more

Your analogy is way off, there is a HUGE difference when you are comparing a gymnasts flipping and twirling 3 meters (plus) up in the air with G-Forces experienced similar by an F1 Driver than by an athlete missing a ball pass or golf swing. The impact resolution could result in fatality or paralysis if she didn’t Read more

I believe far more likely since there is no Macross Units they didn’t have to play legal hopscotch with the fucktwats at Harmony Gold for distribution rights of the “Robotech” brand. Read more

We are in the greyest of the gray territory now, especially this comment. Read more

If there were any video recordings I just imagine editing it and dubbing the audio with the Overwatch “Play of the Game” stinger music. Read more

Not chucking but more like tossing and spinning it in the air like some pizza dough, especially any game with cheap “Boss” character from fighting games or 3rd person action fighting games. The really bad time I remembered was Battlefield 2 where I was constantly being T’ked by some jerk all because they wanted to Read more

Scarlet Velvet Dark Mystery Swirl doesn’t sound appetizing? Pure Clear Vanilla Vision (think clear pepsi but vanilla ice cream?) Read more

At least its not Diet Sugar Free variety. Read more

I wouldn’t have said anything except believe the person, I know I don’t know what would of happened and you wouldn’t know as well, but I believe she does, as she is the one who experienced it and would know otherwise.  I also wouldn’t have made “There is no way of knowing” statement unless it was applied to a general s Read more