Sep 12

All I think of when I hear about Dream Warriors is Dokken singing the damn song.

Aug 27

Someone with no kids voluntarily joining a two-day road trip with a family that includes 1- and 4-year-olds is one of the craziest fucking things I’ve ever heard. After about hour eight, he’ll probably call ahead to a urologist in Florida and schedule a vasectomy before even returning home to Chicago.

May 1 2019

All the “Mine” Cards (or rather their sleeves) have the same top corner bent, all the “Tower” Cards have the same kink on the bottom right. The Damage starts and ends on those cards and doesn’t appear on others, so it’s not actually wear & tear. Being able to see what your next draw is lets you play (seemingly) riskier Read more

Apr 4 2019

Being estranged from his nutso family is perfectly understandable. And if it was because of his gf at the time, even more so.

Jan 28 2019

What shocks me is that I’m sure there are some suckers out there who pay their wildly over-inflated prices.

Dec 11 2018

My company gives us $15 a month off our insurance if we go get a yearly physical and report the results to them, previously I’d always thought no way, why bother. This year I did it, never had a regular doctor. Went in for the bloodwork and they told me I had anemia. Read more

Dec 11 2018

Seriously, that’s the most saccharine thing that’s ever been written at Deadspin, and also by far the most frightening. Get well Drew.

Nov 5 2018

Global Entry is the best thing if you travel internationally. You simply can’t put a price on skipping customs and baggage lines after an 8+ hour flight. I think it’s a five year membership so I suppose you can cancel the card and reapply years later.