Will with a W8 races an E30
Jul 27 2017

I wish my car would drive itself in traffic.
—a vast number of car enthusiasts.

Jul 13 2017

l’d like to hear more about the meatloaf before making my final decision.

Jul 6 2017

None of your fun cars would ever have to worry about being street legal again, nor would you have to worry about trailering your cars just to get some track time in. Read more

Jun 26 2017

Where do you buy this “willpower”? I haven’t seen it on the shelves anywhere. Is the drug even legal? Do you mix it with the water or do you take it separately?

Jun 22 2017

With turbos (which are the future, it seems), the dynamics of the turbine make runner length tuning kinda pointless. On NA cars, you’ve got a point, but one sneaky way to do it is by playing with diameters as well, which may be possible in these sorts of castings. Read more

Jun 16 2017

This is sound advice, well presented, and comes off as unbiased and professional. Read more

Jun 15 2017

Shamelessly stolen from r/weccirclejerk; all credits to wirelessflyingcord.

Jun 15 2017

Oh, great, another shitty “lifestyle” magazine. Have a few friends that work at Automobile, going to roast them for this.

Jun 15 2017

If you think there’s a market, start a car magazine that caters to women. It isn’t like print magazines aren’t a dying industry or anything.

Jun 15 2017

I’m so glad that, much like the recent Root cross-posting, we get to enjoy an extra-large heap of Jezebel in our Jalopnik posts.

Jun 15 2017

Our company is intimately involved in research into LSPI (sometimes called mega knock, super knock). Read more

Jun 12 2017

They use young-ish white guys because they’re generic and inoffensive, just disappear into the background. The car is the focus of car pictures, not the driver. I never even notice the driver, unless it’s not a generic white guy, not in a bad way like “why is a woman driving?” but more like “oh yeah, and someone’s Read more

Jun 12 2017

I’m going to say it does have to do with the “Generic Joe” not taking away from the car. Put an attractive female behind the wheel and you’ll lose the audience’s focus immediately.

Jun 8 2017

I’d like to point out the estimated payment method that this dealer was using...

Apr 24 2017

It feels like the equivalent of your rental property burning down. You weren’t really evicted, per se, but you also don’t have the option to live there anymore. For the tenant (worker) it doesn’t make a huge difference, but for the landlord (GM), it isn’t like they had a choice to allow you to continue to live there.