Will with a W8 races an E30
Mar 24 2017

The bitch clip is child’s play. Drop the trans crossmember and it’s easy access. Try changing the alternator on a W8 - requires removing the front bumper, moving the radiator and AC assemblies away, removing the SAIR pump, removing the oil cooler, draining oil, draining coolant, and still working through a ~8" Read more

Mar 23 2017

“Suboptimal for fitment fit” is code for UGLY. After seeing that hardtop on a mx-5 cup car in person, it is the most awkward thing you could put on top of a miata. The highest point is at the rear, right before the back glass starts. The whole thing is a solid 6" taller than either the RF top, or the soft top.

Mar 15 2017

No, it is capable of driving in a pure FWD mode. How much torque and which wheels it goes to is continually adjusted based on things like pedal position, steering wheel angle, vehicle speed, individual wheel speeds, vehicle slip angle, tire slip, drive mode selection, etc.

Mar 1 2017

My parents confused it, and passed the confusing on to me when I was first learning to drive. I assumed there was some statistic that said pirouetting down the middle of the road was safer than sliding off sideways and catching an edge or something, and took the received wisdom at face value. Read more

Jan 24 2017

The key is right there in Dana’s statement - AdvanTEK is Dana’s marketing name for passenger car gears. Saying Ranger/Bronco will come with beam axles because they have “AdvanTEK” is like saying the Miata comes with a diesel engine because its “SkyACTIVE”

Nov 23 2016

Don’t lean too much on the sports car side - go full truck, like this Superduty Lariat FX4. No, it won’t outrun a corvette, but it’s silly fast for its size. The turbo makes fun wooshy noises, and it will burn off tires on command. When the boost hits in low gear, it feels like you’re driving something out of Fast

Oct 24 2016

Open wheel track time is much harder to come by. Out here, it’s usually listed separately from the track days, and is less frequent. I have heard of people renting out entire tracks with a few friends to get time - depending on the track and the day it can be surprisingly cheap, especially weekdays. You usually Read more