H Hog

One can be curious while still appreciating the value of brevity. Read more

I mean, at this point they might as well just have Ian Flynn do it. The guy already writes the official comics, has written dialogue for Frontiers and put together the Encyclo-speed-ia, after all. Read more

Yeah, well the rest of us are tired of entitled dickbags such as yourself,  that stand on the sidelines telling exploited workers they should stop complaining. I hope every burger you order gets spat in.  Read more

But how will I use SmileBASIC without keyboard support? Read more

Dude literally said “i feel like you guys are probably getting paid to crap on NFT’s” Read more

Yeah, villagers don’t leave without your say-so, like they did in previous games. Read more

I’m not sure what’s worse, his real name or his tryhard pseudonym. Read more

When a human kisses a toon rabbit no one bats an eye, but when it’s a toon hedgehog... Read more

That’s not even a drawing, it’s made with a very old but very popular doll maker.
Also, I wouldn’t really call the tweet racist, just very misguided. Read more

Oh wow, you know what this means? Corey Bunnell works at Nintendo. He has a brother. If his brother has a kid, then that kid will actually be able to tell their classmates that THEIR UNCLE WORKS AT NINTENDO. Read more

“How dare you ignore this issue that no one was talking about until I brought it up” Read more

“when all of its classic games only generate mono sound”
On the original Game Boy it says “DOT MATRIX WITH STEREO SOUND” right above the screen, y’know.  Read more

Who’s willing to bet that a good percentage of artists who are affected by this pirated their copy of photoshop? Read more

Sonic the Hedgehog as a franchise isn’t even 3 decades old yet, they just celebrated the 25th anniversary last year. Saying goodbye to “3 decades” of comics is overselling it a bit, they barely made it to 2 and a half. Read more

“Real outfits”? What’s the last Final Fantay you played? Read more

That’s “Deck the Halls”, not Jingle Bells. =P Read more

One could commit murder in “20 minutes of action”. But hey, according to Daddy Turner, that’s no reason to send someone to prison, right? Read more

I think a faked “return to Home Screen” might work? It’d just look like the system’s default home screen, but with some things changed around to make it look like things aren’t quite right (like, little Flowey faces here and there, perhaps...), then when you try to reload the game (or anything else really, as you Read more

I could never really get into the Funko Pop figurines, as they all just kinda look the same, the whole huge heads with beady-eyed look doesn’t really appeal to me. I hope they get some proper figurines as well! Read more

That might just be a coat that -looks- like a crunchy-fried coating. =P Read more