Heroine Sheik
6/15/19 6:51PM

Counterpoint: Harder for “something of interest” to be seen from the grays. And a polite request outlining a lack of troll behavior posted once isn’t begging. The current gray system is far from perfect and excludes a lot of long time readers/commenters who should be able to participate in conversations. Being held in Read more

6/15/19 5:43PM

I don’t know if that one was actually considered (it should be), but it’s so much better than the chosen design. It dynamically represents her life’s work. and if printed would be far and away the best, most bad*ss bill in U.S. circulation.

6/15/19 3:09PM

The only constitutional amendment we need is to limit the influence of money in politics. That would be a sea change in how business is conducted in Washington. And might actually have bipartisan support. Read more

6/15/19 3:02PM

The Republican Party should just replace all of their senate seats with Ken dolls, they’ll all look the same, and the lack of genitals will help them to eat their own asses.

6/15/19 3:44AM

He’d make a pretty good punching bag or live ballistics test dummy.

6/15/19 2:20AM

I remember reading a couple articles back in ~2016 where it turned out Trump burned through any good reputation he had with top law firms because he (A) never paid them for their services and (B) would NOT. SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP. Every attorney he’d had prior would tell him to answer “no comment” or “you’ll need to Read more

6/15/19 1:41AM

He can hold whatever the hell he wants. The only D.C. 4th of July event I recognize is PBS’s A Capitol Fourth.

6/14/19 11:13PM

Rachel Maddow had an interesting take on tRump’s rebranding of this year’s 4th of July celebration. Making connections to the Nixon administration’s era, and their attempt to do pretty much the exact same thing. Read more

6/14/19 11:07PM

Tell him no then, until he pays. And hell, make it out of his pocket. He’s supposed to be wealthy isn’t he?

6/14/19 10:39PM

They should say, without that $7 million Trump owes us, we can’t provide security for his usurpation of the annual July 4rth affair.  Tell him to fuck off if we don’t get reimbursed and the needed information.  

6/14/19 9:15PM

I think Ivanka is one of the ex-wives. I think she drank the vodka and got her face all cat at the doctor’s. But maybe being married to a stable genius will do that to you.

6/14/19 9:04PM

When one is denied a platform, and it would be appear that is what is being done to Warren, some people, less interested people, may not get a chance to hear about what you’re selling.