Sep 6 2017

The hinged windshield could be great for those rugged excursions to soccer practice. Tilt it forward for an unobstructed view of Madison and Jacob out there on the field as you sit in car and sip your latte, avoiding that other mom who is constantly on your ass because you bought non-organic postgame treats when it Read more

May 25 2017

@Jason Ya gotta stop filming on that potato, and get the Jalop big wigs to up your A/V budget

May 23 2017

I’ve know a few people that were miserable pricks until they removed something from their lives. A crappy job, cancer, orange husband.... She may actually be a lovely woman once the stress melts away. Read more

May 22 2017

The MIL is on. The security light is on. The oil pressure light is on. The battery light is on. The doors are open. And he’s not wearing his seatbelt.

May 18 2017

If only we could find a car we knew his son would think is cool, that’s also fast and has a reliable toyota engine. How will we ever dream up such a car.

May 4 2017

The V12 is naturally balanced, it transmits next to no vibration to the rest of the car, even as it revs up. The reason for upgrading to the V12 isn’t always just for more power.

Apr 25 2017

“No recent retirement announcement has stung racing fans quite as much as Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s did today.”

Apr 20 2017

I wouldn’t call this positive. It’s like when you’re car is doing something wrong regularly, then when you finally get a window to take it to the mechanic and the problem won’t show up! This is when they want the problem, while it’s under heavy monitoring and scrutiny. Boulier said as much.

Apr 18 2017

Poor lane integrity is a big one for me. Not keeping in lane on the highway, or more often than not ending up in the incorrect lane after a left or right turn. (We all do the latter, but not 100% of the time) Read more

Mar 9 2017

They should use another track in addition to the ring. If they win both, they would hold the coveted ‘two roads, one cup’

Feb 10 2017

It’s a 2+2. That profile weird even with the glass.