herbert longshanks
Aug 15 2014

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

Jul 23 2014

Let's ignore the fact that the person was using rhetoric to make a point when they mentioned being a waitress, and that the actual meat and potatoes of their comment was her attire, for a moment so that we can have the conversation you so desperately want to have. Read more

Jul 20 2014

It looks like a proper mod work, will definitely give it a try, and btw, ehm *clears throat* PC MASTER RACE!

Jul 15 2014

Tell me again why we disrespect and make fun of Catholicism and Christianity but we can't touch Judaism for fear of being branded anti-Semitic? Read more

Jun 24 2014

Those two metal sticks don't look friendly towards anyone who weights more than 200 pounds.

Jun 12 2014

What overreaction? I am calm. If anything, slightly defeatist: I say 'like always' and that this isn't surprising, and that it would be nice to have some change. Read more

Jun 4 2014

also, this title should probably be "lana del rey doesn't like talking about feminism, reporters push the subject, we decide to complain about her and not them."

Mar 24 2014

So, we are not adults around here now? We are catering to the sensitive and easily offended by censoring some slight and barely noticeable nudity? Don't cater to the lowest common denominators, Kotaku. This site is supposed to be for adults, and we should be able to view its content without having to feel "protected". Read more

Mar 2 2014

Gotta love the trolling filth that enter comment sections looking for a fight then cry out loud when they don't get one.

Feb 24 2014

Good riddance. Put someone in charge of DayZ who has the faintest clue of how to develop a video game. This guy made a shoddy, barren mod and got lucky. That it has taken this long to get the standalone in the state it's in is embarrassing. Look at Rust. Infinitely better and more diverse, developed to its current Read more

Feb 7 2014

So, I guess this is what one does when one cannot even begin to counter the argument.

Feb 6 2014

So, this person tries to make a post explaining how sometimes people can be ignorant without purposely trying to be an asshole, and if you explain things to them nicely they are most likely going to be happy to listen; and you go and respond like this: Read more

Feb 6 2014

Okay...I;m going to throw this out here in the spirit of complete honesty, from a loving and inclusive place. So read it first, then decide if you want to yell at me, rather than just reading the first part. Read more