Henry Case

I was a camp counselor all the way through college. It was a great job for me. For the last two summers, all I did was take kids hiking and backpacking. You have to be careful when you sign up for camp counselor jobs because you typically get charged room and board at the end of the summer, so you need to check that Read more

The first time my son wanted to hold my hand so we could cross a street. This little fellow, trusted me with his life!    Read more

It makes sense to avoid plumbing during a thunderstorm.   I can’t imagine a better path to ground than plumbing.    Even the CDC says to avoid plumbing: https://www.cdc.gov/disasters/lightning/faq.html Read more

We used to do this back in the sixties and seventies with hiking boots and jeans to get them to fit better. Jeans used to shrink a lot and it was kind of hit or miss if they would end up a good fit after the first washing or not. You would get a much better fit if you bought jeans that were just a little too big and Read more

I watched it (Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom)  last night. I thought it was the best movie I had seen all year.   Chadwick Boseman is incredible.  Read more

This is a bit of a step down, but one time I got all the salesmen in a Bang & Olufsen store pissed at me for blasting a live Rolling Stones song over one of their Bluetooth Speakers.  It sounded really good too.   Read more

I have to agree with you 100%. Other HR departments may be different but I can tell you from experience that at both the last two places that I have worked,  it was HR’s clear duty to protect the organization and not doing anything to help or protect me.    Read more

A Sam Adams and a lobster roll from Woodman’s in Essex, Ma. I would think about eating outside and sneaking in a nice prosecco though.  Read more

Why am I reminded of the Salem witch trials?   Read more

I went back to college in 1978. The first day of school, I pulled into the school parking lot BLASTING “Runnin’ With The Devil”. I remember I was pounding out the beat on the steering wheel.   This really cute girl spotted me and came over to my car laughing.  My first college friend and we’re still friends 42 years Read more

Those were the days, my friend..

I see it more as rich white people telling a company how it should be run and putting it out of business in the process. It’s the same business model Communism tried. Read more

I have to recommend two movies I love, “Cinema Paradiso” and “Amarcord”. Now if only the bean counters at AT&T and Comcast can work something out, we can watch all these great movies! Read more

Oh yeah, Brown Bread, Fenway Franks cooked in B&M Boston Baked Beans and you’ve got a Saturday night party going on.    Read more

I also remember that if someone stole a glass mug, the carhops got docked $10 so the carhops kept careful track of who had glass mugs.   Being a carhop was the first job for several of my friends.  Read more

An A&W root beer float!  The king of the root beer floats! Read more

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I just enjoy reminding Jets fans how much their team sucks. Let’s watch the Butt Fumble (it’s in Wikipedia!)

Is Comcast going to carry Disney+?   I can’t find that information in any of the announcements.    Read more

I don’t think you used the word “Mastermind” properly here.. Read more