Another public relations trick that I see with more frequency is where police are called to a shoplifting incident, and then pay for or return the merchandise or buy a whole shopping cart under the condition of allowing the police to document their largess. Media professionals participate in the photo-op. It’s a real Read more

Unfortunately, the reporters in the U.S are free to write whatever they want and there’s nothing that I can do to stop it.” Read more

Good piece. I’d note a couple of updates, though. The alleged shooter, Erron Brown, 20, was arrested last week. I think the unnamed victim shown in the graphic is Brian Xavier Wilson, 18. Also, there was 12-year-old girl shot, Molly Davis, and police are very obviously failing to state who shot her. (Erron Brown was Read more

This story is a page straight out of the playbook for government calming outrage about police killings and then doing nothing to follow through. Our country has seen public outrage against police violence against people of color for a hundred years—longer even. The Kerner Commission called for collection of this data Read more

Good luck, Angela. I hope you have a productive year doing important work. Read more

That number came from the original Reuter’s story, “The Toll,” which said it came from the company. Read more

Just for the record, I'm not the only guy trying to track police shootings. Fatal Encounters actually tracks officer-involved homicides, and we do have a searchable database. Sometimes it's gun, sometimes it's Tazer, car or baton. When I was a kid, my uncle had a double-barrel shotgun that had one trigger for 20 gauge Read more

There's a certain benefit to having redundant information. For one, it's a sort of random test of the quality of our data. We're able to combine our spreadsheets and consolidate or remove duplicates in Excel. Read more

Your work is awesome, Kyle! I downloaded the spreadsheet this morning and did a quick spin-through to look for potential crossovers. There were about 700 right off the bat (I didn't take a close look for, repeats but I noticed a few.) Did you happen to see me on CNN? I'm sorry I couldn't get a mention in, I had all Read more

And if anyone has information for deadly police encounters prior to 2011, please upload at Fatal Encounters. Read more

You're doing great work, Kyle. This is important, and I'm glad to be associated with you! Read more

You're absolutely right. It's not just a race issue. It's not just a militarization issue. It's not just a mental health or poverty issue. We really don't know what kind of an issue it is because statistics about who police killed and why they killed them are not kept. Fatal Encounters is trying to crowdsource that Read more

Maybe you'd find it more relevant if the media outlet included a paid mention of a purveyor of psychological services for grief counseling or rape therapy. My feeling is that it's relevant because it undermines the whole purpose of the First Amendment: to have an informed populace who can vote intelligently. Read more

Sponsored content, native advertising, advertorials. Maybe better to call it what it is: media content, paid for by advertisers, produced to look like news. Read more

As I read this, my girlfriend's dog is rolling in my dog's excrement. She thinks he's smart because he cocks his head when she speaks. Read more

As I read this, my girlfriend's dog is rolling in my dog's excrement. She thinks he's smart because he cocks his head when she speaks. Read more