Jul 9

I mean, it’s not really supposed to be a tactical, dynamic fight, it’s supposed to be a mad scramble just to stay alive while you unload every single bullet and pipe bomb you have into the thing. The game stocks you up plenty beforehand and there’s ammo littered everywhere in the environment where the fight takes Read more

Jun 30

You don’t need to replace your thermal paste, BUT you do need to open up your PS4 and clean it. You need to clean the fans, and the thermal chamber vents. I had the same issue with a very loud PS4, I opened it up clean out all the dust. That’s all I did. After that it was wisper quite again. The dirt and dust really Read more

Jun 20

As a data scientist/statistician , I really don’t understand the hatred for Metacritic. Averages can be a good way to orient oneself when exploring data and trying to understand an underlying process. It’s only the first step but it’s still a useful metric. The problem occurs when people rely too much on one number Read more

Jan 14 2020

It is, essentially, just that, a stuck up corporate campus. It was developed by the Woodlands Development Company, a division of the Howard Hughes Corporation, and is stubbornly unincorporated (so not even a town).

Jul 1 2019

who’d have thought a game with 100% deus vult aesthetic and 4% community moderation, on the PC, would attract this crowd.

Jun 26 2019

I appreciate that, but please do know that none of this would be possible without all of my talented, hard-working colleagues here at Kotaku. We are a team in so many ways, and none of these stories are single-person efforts, ever.

Jun 11 2019

The GameCube, Wii and Wii U were all pretty different consoles, hardware wise. Don’t use those as examples. :) Read more

Apr 18 2019

Do we know for a fact Omid’s male? I ask because I don’t recall in the article that Omid states any form of sexuality. Omid only says that he/she is a “victim” of porn. In fact, the article usually refers to Omid by using the name and refers to “he” as a generic form of identification in a stylistic sense when Omid is Read more

Apr 16 2019

“One of their biggest concerns is software sold in the company’s home market of Japan, which traditionally has had more tolerance for near-nudity and images of young women who might appear underage.”  Read more

Apr 16 2019

And also in context where it makes sense. Nude beach? Cool! Everyone there is a nudist and there's nothing wrong with the human form! Vaguely teenage French maid with a 2 inch waist and 20 pound tits who has a special move that essentially upskirts her? Nah, that's *totally* the same thing! (eyerollforever)

Apr 16 2019

Also because #metoo is about actual women actually being actually sexually harassed and raped. Nobody has their face ripped off by an off-world mutant monster who then eats their brain. Read more

Apr 16 2019

I always hate this topic because too many of the people I tend to side with on the subject are.... not great. Read more

Apr 12 2019

Same here! I haven’t found a BR that I particularly like but I did tend to enjoy PUBG and a bit of blackout but Firestorm really pulls me in. Almost every game has its own unique “only in battlefield” moments and I keep going back for more.  I really enjoy the time to kill too.  Too many frustrating matches in Read more