Aug 12 2019

I get that they have more money than me, but, if you were going to spend 200 large, wouldn’t you buy a red Supra at Toyota Kia of Vero Beach?

Aug 12 2019

That they have more money than you. People buying these things don’t bat an eye at $200k.

Jul 28 2019

Fuck we are going to have to put up with like 8 years of comments like this aren’t we?

Jul 17 2019

won’t someone think of the forgotten boomers, that hard working class that pulled up every ladder after they climbed it and told the next generation, “we got ours, tough shit for you guys.”

Jul 17 2019

And just like *that* I went from complete indifference about this Corvette to actually rooting for it and looking at my finances to see if I could afford one on my modest salary. I can’t. Yet. Read more

Jul 9 2019

I, too, get mad when I pour my passion and soul into something and then someone comes along and makes my work look like the cheap Korean knock off version.

Jun 19 2019

I know I’m gonna get a lot of shit for this comment, and it certainly doesn’t apply to everyone in the LBGTQ family but: Read more

Dec 15 2018

I own zero Apple products. This lawsuit against Apple is a waste of the courts time. 

Dec 15 2018

Sure, some were but not all. If you go to the Apple website or a store, you will see the notch. To buy the phone and somehow claim you didn’t know it had a notch is pretty disingenuous.

Dec 3 2018

this is amazing. Fine, pull all oil & gas subsidies too. Lets play fair. Republicans are trying to kill us all - they, as a party apparatus, need to be eliminated and the metaphorical earth left behind needs to be salted. Read more

May 23 2018

Nobody likes the actual solutions, like stricter licensing and even tiered licensing that keeps brand new Mustangs with 300-400 hp out of the hands of 18 year olds.

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