1/19/21 11:46AM

Or collect a bunch of them and use them to house an artificial intelligence to protect humanity!

1/19/21 9:21AM

sure but the backwards compatibility is still spotty, not every PS4 game runs great on PS5. also owning a PS5 right now is a luxury considering it’s basically impossible to get one unless you pay extra and buy from a third party seller.

1/19/21 9:13AM

or do like me and just keep it and continue to play games on it because there’s still a ton of PS4 games I haven’t played yet.

11/19/20 4:42PM

Asking you to provide a list of things that would make good gifts for you and your husband is asking you to do the emotional labor of caring and being interested that your in-laws could, and don’t, do.
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9/02/20 5:04PM

I don’t see the hair extensions either, but Tiffany’s hair doesn’t even look human-coloured to me, so I’d buy it’s fake, but I’m wondering whether it’s all fake, not just the lower half.

9/02/20 1:30PM

Here, I made you this!  I outlined her natural hair length, the second tier of hair is the clip in stuff underneath.

9/02/20 1:30PM

I still don’t see it. These hair extensions are supposed to be embarrassingly bad, but they’re not even detectable to me. I suspect the average citizen doesn’t notice them either.

9/02/20 1:18PM

I’m bald and can barely tell when even my loved ones get haircuts. Struggling here.

9/02/20 12:43PM

So she inherited her hair from her dad then. I would feel sorry for her, were she actually a decent person.

9/02/20 10:06AM

Oh! Maybe someone can help me out because I’m losing my ability to distinguish between some colors (I should see a doctor😬) Tiffany blue is like a seafoam variant with a bit more green. This looks like a more baby blue tone. I might be wrong. I often am! Read more

9/02/20 10:03AM

Stupid bit of trivia: an acquaintance of mine was a stand-in on The Apprentice a bajillion years ago, and saw both Melania and Ivanka on multiple occasions. All she had to say about Melania was that she was tall; Ivanka apparently has baby-fine hair that’s visibly thin on top and actually much shorter, which continues Read more

9/02/20 9:51AM

Eh there’s a tad more green in the Tiffany boxes. But tacky nonetheless.

9/02/20 9:46AM

Isn’t Tiffany’s suit the same color as the jewelry store’s boxes? Kind of “on the nose” for my taste, but one person’s tacky is another person’s glamorous.

7/29/20 1:26PM

Can you please put subtitles on you videos if you’re going to ram them into our eyes? Maybe We will actually watch them then.

4/02/20 4:35PM

My best friend is the brewmaster at a small kombucha brewery in suburban Chicago. During the current stay-at-home order the brewery is allowed to stay open since as a food/beverage distributor it is allowed to claim to be an essential business, but the owners have smartly decided to close the tap room. He’s still Read more

3/19/20 5:15PM

While I’m not in an abusive relationship, I live with my sister who, until very recently, was drinking very heavily and often gets nasty when she drinks. She and I have lived together for almost six years, and either she got worse, I was worn down, or I’m finally able to acknowledge that what was happening was not Read more