heisenmeg, roller derby badass
Jun 7 2016

I took a break from posting. Largely due to some family drama and some cyberstalking and just not being in the right

Nov 11 2015

Last week was literally the worst practice I’ve had in my entire derby career. We were doing a lot of endurance,

Oct 21 2015

I was finally cleared on Monday to go back to skating, after a month off skates, and had my first practice back last

Aug 26 2015

We had a scrimmage last night to prepare for our bout on Saturday. (Denver/CO Springs area GTers - please feel free

Aug 3 2015
All the derby

I spent last week off on vacation with the kiddos, but there was still derby happening.

Jul 8 2015

Our fall season of derby started last night, and the first month is always “back to basics” for the newbies that

Jun 30 2015

I’ve been following the 30 days of self-care, but not participating, and I have some ideas from that, but what I am

May 28 2015

Firstly, thank you all for your suggestions on how to deal with negative thoughts. I am making a conscious effort to

May 20 2015

I am rostered for a roller derby bout on June 6th in Rawlins, WY. This will be my first bout. I’ll only have been

May 14 2015

I ended up not bouting at the beginning of May - I had dropped in on a practice with the team, and their coaching

Apr 1 2015

No adventures in roller derby last week as the children had given me an awful cold and it's hard to skate when you