Good thing for these companies that there isnt some kind of way to circumvent their paywalls Read more

Idk, I’d go to a gameshop and drop some cash to play this against 20 other ppl who were also playing with a randomized deck. Read more

When i do that i look like the fucking lorax Read more

I would, that’s how you get ants. Read more

You try explaining why voodoo trickle down economics are bullshit WITHOUT sounding like a condescending prick.

TFW you have all the leverage Read more

I remember “not actually” Adrian Peterson being the bigger fantasy football fml. Read more

I buy wholesale wings for my job. I’m currently paying $110+ per 40lb case. Read more

Chargers only have to sell, like, 30,000 tix per game this year, I think Read more

You’ve obviously never been to pft Read more

My personal talking points on this statue shit:

His one is for when the Westboro Baptists poke their heads out