Granted, it helps that we keep experiencing the same day over and over and over again.

Liked it! But the “it’s better than Groundhog Day!” hot takes need to stop.

Sorry guys, this is my actually my fault. My niece wanted to see Trolls World Tour and I accidentally purchased it 5 million times.

Technically, these fools are Gen Z.

He’s also Lars Ulrich and Fred Savage

Adam Sandler is a character Daniel Day-Lewis has been playing for nearly 30 years.

It’s weird that you would click on this article about what she had to say without knowing who she is, but she’s a model married to a multi-platinum recording artist, John Legend. At this point, though, she’s in the famous-for-being-famous category, especially for being one of the most popular people on social media Read more

Landgraf can be a bit full of himself - he seems like the sort of dude at a party that you either have a truly enriching talk about philosophy with or whom you want to strangle during a smoke break because of his hot take on the brilliance of the GoT finale (and both probably at the same party) - but it’s honestly Read more

I, for one, see fewer and fewer distinctions between our titanic media overlords.

Don’t be racist, sexist, ableist, or trans/homophobic. That’s pretty much the list. If you can’t make people laugh without being any of those things, maybe the problem isn’t the culture that surrounds you?

You’re thinking of Doris Day

Like when I worked in Mcdonalds before finally making it as a scary clown on my own. 

Amazing that anyone looked at Hamm (on a Skinemax set, no less) and said “make sure the ashtrays stay in the right spots.”

Whoa! It’s almost as if starving actors work day jobs before they start booking work that pays their rent, and sometimes those day jobs are *gasp* actually IN the industry they’re trying to break into!

*were given easy jobs to “build character” as a token gesture of humility

Yeah, sorry, Stiller and Williams don’t count. They weren’t “discovered” or "got their start" behind the screen, they had famous parents who pulled strings to secure them temporary employment before moving on to acting.

Bill Hader has told many hilarious stories on the late-night circuit about his wacky adventures in PA-ing, but this is my favorite. It’s one of my “I have 5 minutes and need a laugh” clips.

We’re also calling cushy nepotism gigs “jobs.”