Sep 17

Lesley Inker, a nephrologist at Tufts University, helped develop the GFR algorithms that include race adjustments. She argues that tossing out the race variable would set GFR estimation back 30 years. “For people who have Black ancestry, [this algorithm] is the best guess I’ve got.” Read more

Sep 12

Not sure why any port of entry can’t get the contact information. Read more

Sep 11

I just drove my son to the park, and not five minutes after my boy ran to the swings 2 cops, then 4 cops then suddenly 10 cops were there (and like magic a helicopter) with guns pointed at two Black boy/men (barely 20) in an SUV who were clearly afraid to move as cops shouted then cursed them to get out. My son did Read more

Sep 6

Now if only I can get my workplace (a juggernaut of an entertainment company; conglomerate, I think they're called now) to understand this. I would think that since we’re in the middle of a pandemic with stupidity, racism and conspiracies all slapped together in one man who IS the US President that the company would Read more

Sep 5

Not if minorities wake the fuck up and VOTE in EVERY election. No matter what the ticket is. Don’t like the ticket? Run next time yourself. This is still a democracy. The problem is that Republicans know how to abuse it and manipulate it at every level to let this shit happen and Democrats are useless and weak to stop Read more

Sep 4

I have so many emotions right now! Thank you for sharing your story about the lives of our people. It is important to know the names and the truth of the struggle. They were so very brave- I question if I do nearly enough. Read more

Aug 28

They should just flip it and let Scully be the hero she always was/should have been. Every week, she has to talk her dipshit partner out of birtherism or the anti-vax movement. And he’s always wrong, but he never learns his lesson. Read more

Aug 28

RIP to the king. Wakanda forever!

Aug 28

RIP to the fucking king.

Aug 28

“I’m telling you, Scully. There are child sex slaves being held in the basement of a pizzeria in NW DC. This conspiracy runs deep. Probably aliens are involved as well. Read more

Aug 28

Part of it is propagating the ridiculous notion that cis and trans women are competing for the same finite resources and winning rights for one group will somehow harm the other. Part of it is stoking pure transphobic bigotry over “men” pretending to be women so they can invade bathrooms and changing rooms and molest Read more

Aug 27

Resize the window, that breaks the slide show and gives you a normal format

Aug 26

Doctors Without Borders sends me an exceptionally crappy tote bag at least four times a year. I think I gave them $25 once about three years ago. I fear if I give them more the totes will never stop coming.

Aug 20

Whatever you do, don’t eat meaty things with your hands. Don’t let your kids eat salami or cold cuts or whatever outside with their hands. When the wasps come, they will smell it. Then they will decide that your hands smell like a delicious feast. And they will follow you around. And you will wave them off, and they Read more

Jul 17

If you could spare some soaking vinegar, I’d bet it would make a killer salad dressing. Or even for drinking (mixing with seltzer)?

Mar 23 2012

This article doesn't know what it's talking about. This isn't what you should do at all. Here is what you should really do. Read more