May 14

Just started playing Cyberpunk 2077. About 10 hours in so I’m... at the title screen lol. It’s fun, but definitely see the rough edges. Helps that I have a 3070 so the game definitely looks good. Will 100% play Mass Effect LE but waiting until it goes on sale since I’ve already played it like 5 times haha

May 10

Or, counterpoint, the Moira retcon is the most interesting thing that’s been done with the X-men in decades, and rocks. 

Apr 15

I have dozens of free games from Epic Game store, PS+, etc that I’ve wanted to get around to playing but never quite have. I have a few games I’ve bought that I’ve bounced hard off of after a couple hours, but nothing really that I’ve paid for that I haven’t played. 

Apr 9

Well this looks fun! Can’t wait to see all the existential dread over how many new and interesting ways we can destroy our society haha

Apr 1

I think it’s less a condemnation of those movies/stories and more just indicating that Avatar’s story/plot was highly derivative and wasn’t really anything new.

Mar 31

Orrrrrrr.... It was just a really pretty movie that you basically had to see in theaters since watching at home kinda defeated the purpose and exposed that it was basically just Pocahontas/Fern Gully in space...

Mar 29

Man I’m still addicted to this game. I haven’t spent any money yet but have easily spent probably 200+ hours. I think I need to transition to just playing when there’s big updates/story stuff drops, and stop doing the daily grind stuff. I got other games I need to play!

Mar 17

They laid off 50 people. 50 people making 4 million dollars a year would just reach what this one guy makes. You could keep 2,500 employees making 80K a year. Fuck this guy.

Jan 21

man I loved Jade Empire. Wish we could have seen more of it from Bioware back in the day.

I’d still play the hell out of a fantasy/sci-fi/martial arts game or whatever this thing looks like it would be. I’m honestly just tired of 95% of games falling into one of three themes -

A) Military
B) European fantasy setting
C) Read more

Jan 4

I want Bloodlines 2 to come out and, contrary to what has been indicated by the game’s troubled past year, be good.

Dec 22

It really is astonishing how polished and complete a game it is, for free. I’ve put dozens of hours in and haven’t spent a cent. It’s a shot across the bow of modern AAA games that feel like $60 trials for the real micro-transaction game (like the reviewer said, Avengers)

Dec 18

It’s kinda funny that every time Jason writes an article you can count on a summary on Kotaku nowadays. It’s like he never left!