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So I know this article and comment are almost a year old but I wanted to address a bit of what you have written in your comment. It’s fine to be against organized religion, but writing this in a comment on an article about a marginalized religious group being targeted is in bad taste. Additionally, Judaism is an Read more

2:54 PM

I thought Always Be My Maybe was good, but Keanu in it was GREAT!!! His whole performance was amazing. 

1:42 PM

Everyone is acting like it’s breaking news that HRC isn’t running in 2020 (and for some reason Splinterites and their Chapo ilk spent 2017-2018 talking about how she might be egotistical enough to run again? Even tho their bro Bernie is the one doing it). Read more

2:58 PM

I have two major concerns with your post. 1) If this man claimed another invisible identity (e.g. gay, Christian, invisible disability, mental illness), would you use the phrasing “claims to be Jewish” and “Jewish blood”? The fact that he is Jewish doesn’t change the color of his skin. Unless he is presenting in ways Read more

1:54 PM

No. 12% voted for Trump and 14% voted 3rd party or didn’t vote at all, so only 74% voted for Hillary.

8:25 PM

Nothing made me sadder than when io9/Gizmodo went from weekly recaps of Elementary to recapping the season premier and finale. Way to give up clicks from a very dedicated fan base (because it’s the best show on television!! Lucy Liu’s tiny ties!!!). 

8:22 PM

John Dickerson is a national treasure! CBS This Morning is definitely the most serious of the morning shows and asks the toughest questions of their guests (although it’s still not that tough). CBS Sunday Morning is also great and frequently educates me on some niche topic that I would otherwise know nothing about. Read more

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I have always felt guilty about the money my dad gave me to help with the down payment on the very modest home in a very low-cost housing market that my boyfriend and I bought a few years ago. I’m talking, I seriously agonized over whether or not to take four-figures from my dad in order to allow us to buy our house. Read more

11:02 PM

I am only just seeing this and I am heartbroken. I know seven seasons is a good run, especially for a show that seems to be so overlooked, but this is straight up my favorite show on tv. I would watch Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu for 20 years. The chemistry they’ve built as Holmes and Watson is amazing. And I love Read more

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When I need my Judaism and Jewish identity policed, I’ll know who to turn to next time maraleia, thanks so much! What would us Jews do without you to tell us what color we can depict our most foundational symbols in!

3:05 PM

That’s a bullshit reason. The Star of David is a pretty universal symbol for Judaism and Jewish life/culture in general, it doesn’t matter what color it is. The star & crescent is red on the Algerian flag, does that mean that every time we see a red one it symbolizes Algeria?

1:29 AM

Democrats are running on much more than “we’re not Republicans” in 2018- mostly healthcare, but also gun control, public education, and a variety of local issues depending on district. Read more

11:33 PM

I’m a big podcast listener! My fave new podcast is the The Good Place podcast- for anyone who enjoys the show DOWNLOAD THE PODCAST RIGHT NOW! It’s just delightful. Read more

7:57 AM

But did u know that Sanders is Jewish and was a carpenter... LIKE JESUS???? HOW DARE U SLANDER HIM!!!! 

8:11 AM

I use neutrogena for my face but I’m also a cheap motherfucker so I use target brand for my body 😂

4:55 PM

I remember watching Religulous in college and thinking it was ~*~deep~*~. Now I just look back and think I was a shithead back then and Maher is an asshole.

4:52 PM

Remember what MobGlob once said, we should just be HAPPY for our BANDWIDTH cuz they could cut us off at any time.

4:51 PM

In college, I got an all-dorm email addressed to the men of my dorm instructing them to stop their practice of pissing in water bottles and throwing them onto the campus safety office next door.