Hans Kuiper
Jul 6

It does come with a manual. It’s right there in the glove box.

Jun 30

This is what happens when you hire a stylist/designer from Audi and then ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THEM. Read more

Jun 28

We’re six months into this, and you have a combination of ignorance and confidence that’s really staggering.  You’re the reason the economy is ruined, you’re the reason my uncle is dead.  You need to shut up and take some remedial science lessons.

Jun 27

“The flag was not an instrument of hate like the Nazi symbol”
Tell that to the KKK, who explicitly flew and used it as a hate symbol.  

“What is next book burning?”
Fuck no. That’s a logical fallacy called “the slippery slope fallacy.” It’s bullshit. Read more

Jun 27

People who fought for the south are not veterans of the US army. They literally killed US soldiers.

Jun 26

Very admirable of Honda. I hope they see it doesn’t make a difference to their bottom line and continue. There are all kinds of websites out there with the demographics they want and without the hate speech they don’t want. Read more

Jun 8

CaN yOu StAy AwAy FrOm PoLiTiCs

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Jun 7

I know someone that owns a Mugen RR FD2 and my god is it amazing.

Jun 5

Queue all the armchair engineers on why Toyota has no idea what they’re doing since BEVs are the future as their messiah Elon Musk has told them.