Hans Kuiper
Oct 28

Who said anything about Tesla and their imaginary-for-now Roadster?

Sep 21

As someone who has spent a bit of time in Vietnam for work and school, I thought I would ad some context. Vietnam aspires to be an industrial power, and having an auto industry puts you on that path. The VinFast lineup will be selling against imports sold under steep tariffs. Read more

Sep 21

Manufacturers have been making performance versions of economy cars for decades, and these cars generally sell for more than the basic cars they are based on. 3k will get you a base Civic of this generation. This is not a base Civic.

Sep 21

46 y/o tuner fan here. Best advice I’ve gotten “Who cares what they think? Do YOU like it? It’s YOUR fuckin’ car.” ;)

Sep 20

Calling the Senna, the P1, the Speedtail or the Elva generic feels like quite a stretch ...

Sep 16

UI designer here: Red on that dark blue wouldn’t pass AAA accessibility standards. Not enough contrast in general and other issues with red-green color blindness come to mind. Read more

Sep 15

It really wasn’t shutokou battle and kaido battle and auto modellista are the best racing games on ps2

Sep 8

Do lots of research and pick someplace with a track record. It sucks to have to say this, but timely causes bring both fraudsters, incompetent people, and dreamers in over their head to the fundraising party. You want your money to do good, not to be stolen, lost, or wasted. Read more

Aug 22

So then so are first party console games. By that reasoning, Halo, Forza, The Last of Us and Spider Man are anti-competitive. 

Aug 22

Ok, so why single out Apple when every platform hosting Fortnite other than Epic’s own store takes the exact same cut? Read more

Aug 20

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Aug 18

Lots of comments screaming ‘track rat’ on this car, but really they don’t know what they’re getting into. Read more