Hans Kuiper
2:56 AM

Yes, its not a one size fits all, I tend to like rims that look big enough but with meaty tires, I prefer that motorsport look and depends on the car, on older cars (90s or older) I prefer smaller rims, the older the smaller probably, like on a 70s Challenger id rather have 16 in rims with meaty tires, a la transam.


1:30 PM

Truly, how come a place filled with such snob car haters/fans dont even know what is a facelift?

FACELIFT: SAME MODEL/SAME GENERATION with updated trim/bumper covers maybe different headlights.

4:12 PM

If thats shitty, I cant imagine what is terrible. (protip: its the eclipse cross)

Also, the A90 supra is a Fine car, sounds good, looks good and seems fun handling and has a huge aftermarket.

7:11 AM

pair of early 90s civic front seats: 150$ or less

Raise the coilovers: 0$

Remove carpet from dashboard: 0$

5k for a fun, practical, frugal, reliable, awd vintage honda civic in good condition, that can also get you into a radwood show, where you could steal all the attention. 

8:29 PM

CP because you have to turn up the coilovers and replace the seats? jeez, talk about white hands kids... get away from used cars, you might have to change the oil! 

12:28 PM

I believe you are taking it to literal, I dont believe Sony wants to build cars, but I believe Sony want to be a provider for carmakers, like they provide camera sensors to Apple, Samsung, etc etc.

This might just be like showcase for all the tech they can provide.

11:09 AM

I can assure you all it needed was the Si’s K20, My mechanic had one and he swapped it, I drove it before with the L15 and then with the K20z3, and it was magical how different it all felt, especially with the weight from the IMA removed and the good torque of the K20, NA responsiveness and 8000+ rev limit.

It feld old Read more

11:07 AM

I drove a stock one, that then was swapped to a K20Z3 (civic Si engine) drove it before and after.

That was all it needed, was a riot to drive, fun, and best of all it was really economical to maintain and sipped gas, as it was lighter and smaller than the civic + removing the IMA (battery packs) freed up some weight Read more

5:14 PM

Im sure you dont have neither at all tbh. go ahead and be happy living in the 10s while some of us enjoy the 20s I guess.

8:07 PM

The decade started on January 1st 2010, by 2011 it turned its first year.

By your logic, the year 2010 doesnt belong to the 00s nor to the 10s...

3:25 PM

HAHAHA so, so wrong, decades are the 10's, do you see any 10 in 2020?

by your logic, the 2010s started in 2009 lol

11:49 AM

I do not agree with that, I agree with the principle that products should be designed for everyone, but as someone who has worked in marketing, we gather data from Men and from Women, and guess what, they show different trends and tastes, so when tailoring something for women, it is based on a study on what most women Read more

3:45 PM

Id prefer to do it in post, but honestly, to get the exact same effect, its harder to replicate unless you use a special plugin/filter or waste lots of time erasing darker stuff with the gaussian filter etc.

Although, to be honest, what I find the best for pictures in general is great foreground/background separation Read more

3:14 PM

Not exactly, to achieve the lightning, illumination he wanted to go for he might have needed 10x the equipment he had, and for example, the way the rim is lit cannot be achieved without a white light bouncer, which would sadly obstruct the view of the car and “stain” other parts of the car.

The magic is that this guy Read more

3:11 PM

I get your point, hell in this case Id rather they do a 3d render and call it a day.


The session takes 13 hours because its not taking one photo, its properly setting, trying, testing and taking the 45 photos that makes the photomerge, for every angle..

Thats how time is spent.

9:54 AM

Finally some damn sense around here, it might be gaudy but it is what most of the buying audience wants, if people didnt want big grilles then Lexus, Audi, Etc wouldnt be selling like hotcakes.

Kind of like the atomic rocket era cars of the 50s, it was gaudy but people wanted it.

Also, the bigger the grilles get then Read more

7:41 PM

I dont know if naive or what, first it wont sell, like at all (hint: it wont be an suv/cuv)

Second, people who like this car want it used.

3:56 PM

Yeah, its not good looking, but its cool.

Sort of like when ugly people were allowed to do music lol

1:19 PM

Actually warm light does look better/clearer at night and more importantly so in foggy/rainy conditions.

A friend used to have some chinese knockoff 8000k HIDs on his car and boy was that dangerous while raining, you couldnt see shit, otherwise I ran in another car with yellow HIDs, and you could see.

Talking about HIDs Read more