Jan 11 2017

I’m white enough to applaud when sizzling fajitas come to the table, but I agree with every part of this.

Jan 11 2017

I don’t disagree with any of those things, but it’s like comparing your least favorite ice cream with a waffle cone full of bloody diarrhea. You might not like either one, but there’s a clear right choice.

Jan 11 2017

Perhaps. But Clinton is a hawk who would take a very hardline against Russia and has no compunction about putting boots on the ground (see Iraq War). Read more

Jan 11 2017

Let’s face it, 240 years was a pretty good, if not unprecedented, run for any republic. Now you’re all set for a despotic banana republic. Good luck with it.

Jan 10 2017

If you think making up names for politicians like a 9-year-old is somehow productive, rest assured that every instinct you have about how to accomplish political change is entirely wrong.

Jan 10 2017

I am not outraged or excited. I don’t think this will change anything. I am, however, going to laugh till my sides hurt because of all the PEEOTUS jokes.

Jan 10 2017

These are the moments we’ll remember sitting ‘round the cracklin’ fire burning in the ol’ garbage can, gnawing on rat\pidgeon pate’ in the future Trump States Of Bigly Greatness. Oh, look over yonder....’shroom cloud. Must be Tuesday.

Jan 9 2017

I have a buddy in his 30s who refuses to move on from his flip phone. Actually, my husband tried to stick with his flip phone as long as he could but at some point the major carriers simply stopped supporting/selling them, so. My mom used to have a flip phone because she had a carrier who caters only to old people Read more

Aug 27 2016

Here in Seattle a 10+K’s in a 2 run loss is called “The Full Felix”.

Aug 26 2016

Heinz Field on Sundays is basically the stadium-wide equivalent of a recessive gene.