Aug 26

People who do this should be then forced to drive the nearest still-running Chevette for sale in their area. They must not improve the car in any way ever, and are only permitted to replace mechanical and safety-related parts as they fail. That shall be their fate. 

Aug 14

They are organized by day and time! This is so much better than organizing by series, way easier to read and it just takes a simple scroll down to see the whole weekend. Thanks!!!

Aug 11

If you decide you want to bring it back stateside, I did not ship a vehicle over when I came to Italy, so I do still have a free vehicle shipment if needed. It’s old enough to ship unmodified, and It will definitely pass the inspections on base (I just so happen to do those). It would have to wait until I leave in Read more

Aug 10

You seem to know a lot about Star Trek Nemesis while also hating it. Would that make you the Star Trek Nemesis Nemesis?

Jul 28

First of all, I am amazed at your wrenching skills to be able to take some of these heaps and fix them up into running, driving, at least somewhat reliable drivers. That’s incredible! Read more

Jul 28

Frankly given his obsession with oddball Chryslers the danger of a meth neighborhood is that he'd expand his collection.

Jul 28

My first instinct was scrap everything and buy something nice, but by the end I had developed a weird begrudging respect for someone so obsessed with sport-esque Chryslersubishis.

Jul 22

If this happens because you pass Ken Block, half the drivers in the WRC would be upside down.

Jul 18

Jalopnik staff, from the 9th-dimension Blog Wormhole stashed inside a long-forgotten BMC Mini concept’s frunk: “Kristen Lee, come back. We even made a We Miss You sandwich”

Jun 22

The van driver should have pulled over on his own Accord. Now he’ll going to get a Civic lesson on hit and runs. Hopefully the punishment Fits the crime and he goes on an Odyssey to his local penitentiary.

Jun 22

It’s the left turn signal as he makes his way to the shoulder/exit on the right that really makes the video for me .

Jun 18

I’m not ready to announce it yet, but by the end of this summer, I’ll begin a project that is going to require me to renew my German passport and learn about interior design. More on this, soon (and yes, that was intentionally cryptic).
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