Yesterday 2:56PM

For international readers unfamiliar with scatalogical grading scales, “Bullshit” refers to something terrible and low quality, but “Batshit” refers to something crazy and insane. “Shit” refers to something bad and “The Shit” refers to something exceptionally good. Read more

Yesterday 1:32PM

Didn’t think I’d need to say this but can dumb comments please stop going “what about Sony, how come you aren’t saying they’re bad”. I know it must be shocking to be talking about MSoft during an MSoft conference but that’s what’s happening amazingly enough. Read more

Saturday 7:33PM

When you’re slidin’ into home and your pants are full of foam...

Saturday 4:25PM

The video is called “Diarrhea In The Pool.”  Isn’t that warning enough?

Saturday 3:49PM

“The Configurator” sounds like a supervillain obsessed with figuring out the most efficient way to attack supply chains.

Saturday 3:22PM

Some people think it’s funny, well it’s really hot n runny!

Saturday 1:57PM

Really sucks for these two students, especially how it was handled, but outside people that peak in high school, it really shouldn’t matter. No idea why they wouldn’t use a weighted grading scale though; why shouldn’t you get extra credit for taking harder classes? Sounds like the handbook should get fixed. Read more

Saturday 1:44PM

I’ve had Giardia. It's a week or more of nothing but puking from both ends until there's nothing left, and then your body somehow finds more to violently eject. Great stuff.

Saturday 1:20PM

Once they trot out the show, I bet it has a good run.  

Saturday 10:34AM

Have you used the remote yet? I bet it can access the ghost world via your tv via channel 666.

Saturday 9:16AM

This one may not be not be nasty, but it is mysterious. We lost the remote to the TV. Several years later, it turned up in the trunk of our car. We didn’t even own this car when we lost the remote.