2 hours ago

This is purely anecdotal, but why is it that comma abusers always seem to be the ones with strong opinions about how bad everyone else's grammar is?

Friday 5:23PM

Somewhat related, there was a great Florida Man story a few years back about an old guy who doused a raccoon in gasoline and set it ablaze for stealing fruit from his mango tree.

Friday 2:31AM

I’m getting strong Navy SEALs copypasta energy from this guy’s threat.

Thursday 4:46PM

It appears the figure is coming in part from people who’ve self-reported to police while in custody as having a mental illness. Read more

Thursday 4:38AM

I’m not even sure the name is a pun, because what I really don’t get is that you’re wrapping your stuff in a pad so you can put it into an un-padded bag, so the wrap acts as an individual padded divider, but metal wire somehow should be involved? Read more

Tuesday 3:53PM

There is no way these turn out to be of higher quality than the gold-standard Domke versions, and a 19 inch Domke wrap costs less than the retail on this one in a size small. So that’s realistic in the long term, pricing this unproven design in a tier above the equivalent product from a company whose primary business Read more

Monday 6:32PM

They might as well have. The Intercept didn’t sanitize the printer identification dots or visible paper creases on the documents when they sent scanned copies to the NSA, where the dots led back to both the printer Winner used and the date and time of the print job.

Monday 6:05PM

Fine, I’ll be the one to say it — they are pricing this at a thoroughly irresponsible money-to-fabric ratio for any piece of clothing that doesn’t enable you to fly.

Monday 5:35PM

Yup. My immediate thought on that quote was basically, “not sure you needed to spell this part out any more plainly, bud.” Read more

6/12/21 6:37PM

There are more concise and less pretentious ways of admitting you have no idea what you’re talking about.

6/12/21 6:32PM

You want a dull Marky Mark role? I can get you a dull Marky Mark role, believe me. There are ways, Dude. You don’t wanna know about it. Believe me. Read more

6/10/21 5:04PM

That combo might be too rich a cake to my palate, but it sounds like an amazing ice cream flavor.

6/09/21 10:38PM

“Every other day a site like Jezebel covers stories of sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry, but also within franchises like McDonald’s, and it’s depressingly clear in the traffic what more people are quick to click on.” Read more

6/09/21 9:36PM

And to complete the ensemble, a blue tartan perfectly complements the Crocs’ natural polka dots.

6/09/21 9:13PM

I think being a free-range kid is exactly the answer. Between falling out of trees and off ledges and faceplanting on mountain bikes going down logging trails and using our parents’ power tools and playing sled chicken — like train chicken, one kid would stand at the bottom of the hill and the rest would sled down at Read more

6/09/21 10:53AM

I blame that show for my constant use of the word "dickweed."

6/09/21 10:41AM

I’m rarely proud of my fellow Americans’ stereotypically obnoxious behavior while traveling, but that man is an exception and a credit to our nation.

6/09/21 10:32AM

Same. A giant rusty framing nail went straight up through my foot between whatever your foot knuckles are called when I was a kid, and I’ll still occasionally get an awful, cringy ghost puncture feeling when I see large nails. Read more