Monday 10:55AM

People still rolling up and pretending Cyberpunk wasn’t far more broken than most AAA games. Crazy.

6/06/21 1:24PM

one thing that the Polygon report mentions is that the Capcom hack from last year revealed the same file names in both RE4 and the book, so probably that was the smoking gun that pushed this lawsuit forward.

5/21/21 2:25PM

Cute, fun little thing, but I’d be all over it if you could get a ship like that you can fly. Read more

5/20/21 10:10AM

It later emerged that Cyber Ninjas simply didn’t know how to reconstruct a RAID storage array and thus locked themselves out of their own copies.

5/18/21 1:24PM

Vaush is in hour 22 of his 24 hour stream and has collected over 200k dollars for Palestinian charity. Its happening, its just not very visible for some reason..

5/12/21 4:37PM

I’m Scottish, back in the 2014 independence referendum I was pro union, the last 7 years have turned me very pro independence.

5/11/21 6:34PM

Rogen responded saying that he “despises abuse and harassment”” Read more

5/08/21 11:38AM

I think it’s an Android feature. My OnePlus 8T is on Android 11 and allows the same. It asks for permission when apps want location data, access to camera or microphone, access to photos/videos, and contact data. For the other permissions, it looks like you may have to go into the Settings, find the app, and manually Read more

5/07/21 3:56PM

Yeah I would’ve bought this game day one but I don’t have an am not getting a PS5. Sony and SE can go screw itself. I’ll play something else and watch a walkthrough video.

5/06/21 4:37PM

All of this because he lives in a country where the cost of healthcare would kill him otherwise. This is all great and warm and fuzzy, but let’s not forget that this would not be necessary in a country with a working healthcare system for its citizens. 

4/25/21 8:16AM

Agreed. The fact ‘Black Panther 2's production home base is in Georgia makes me question whether I’ll pay to see it. Which is killing me.

4/24/21 2:50PM

I mean it was touching and all to point out the racism but all I kept thinking in the back of my head was “Oh nice, but, how many states does Disney film in that currently has racism laws. How many states are they filming in that is currently, or just passed, laws to suppress black voters?” Read more

3/15/21 5:54PM

As the article explains that was the original intent, and all previous used-up batteries on ISS had been returned intact aboard Soyuz craft. A failed Soyuz launch caused a cascading ripple through the schedule, and there we are.

3/15/21 3:48PM

It costs around $10k/pound to reach low earth orbit.  The material is worth about $20K.  It’s simply not worth it.

3/15/21 3:20PM

It would be smarter to move them up to a graveyard orbit for future orbital industry to recycle. However that would require more ∆V than they have the realistic method of giving it.

3/09/21 2:49PM

Of course, you’ve hit the nail on the head as the app compatibility has been the obstacle to adoption.