Yesterday 6:46PM

If he molested a boy or abused several indigenous children to beat the “savage” out of them, they’d probably declare him a saint.

Friday 5:21PM

So once a day effectively it’s not gambling. Cool?

Wednesday 2:59PM

They are definitely making an updated Switch, that’s just what Nintendo does. Read more

Tuesday 1:00PM

Yeah. When people realized you can’t really hack it easily and the price vs what you get, the stocks was plenty wherever I went.

Monday 7:26PM

Let’s be honest. They saw a heavy set black kid and one of them went “Hey watch this.” proceeds to use excessive force, other cops help. Then after they laugh about beating up a helpless black kid.

6/13/21 8:29AM

Ah man. It’s so hard to keep up with all the indie games. lol

6/12/21 10:41PM

All of the above? As well as being able to control exposure. Don’t want any of those people who might bring up issues with the industry like work place toxicity, worker treatment, sexual harassment etc etc. Read more

6/06/21 2:15PM

I don’t see how a sequel could work if Cruella is the villain. It would make the mid credits make no sense if they are going to follow the plot, roughly, of the first film on top of changes to her character. Read more

6/05/21 6:51PM

So what you’re saying is wearing masks when sick should be permanent but won’t. Read more

6/05/21 6:48PM

Well I guess when you view black people, Asian and Hispanic people as “non-human”, you can’t really say you’re racist cause non-humans don’t have race. Read more

6/03/21 12:56PM

Maybe someone should find and publicly share nudes of the judge that they took privately and see if they feel the same way. After all, a judge is a public figure and any private life is fair game for public figures, as they said.

6/02/21 3:10PM

So no one will be able to get a Tesla cause they’ll be bought up by people, sit in a field mining bitcoin?

5/31/21 8:42PM

Jokes on them! I already got all my ROMs! Except I don’t know if I’ll use them cause it’s a giant pain to add the box art and even get them on Retroarch when their filesnames/info doesn’t match their database. lol

5/31/21 11:44AM

I like to compare it to Chernobyl. It wasn’t necessarily human made or done out of malice, but it only go out and became as bad as it was because of how governments like the USSR and CCP care more about image than truth, and hide it as much as possible with various levels fearing levels higher and not wanting to look Read more

5/31/21 11:32AM

Really? lol Dummys, especially now when more people are like “Well yeah, he was right, they had a nuclear bomb basically in the middle of New York.”