Dec 21 2016

Prime Now had them in certain cities, but it was sporadic. And agreed on the guys charging 4x as much. Fuck that shit.

Dec 19 2016

Road & Track once did an article looking back on the Crosley, which is another car with pretty tepid performance. The owner of the featured car said that while other cars blew away from him at every green light, when he got up to the next red light, there they’d be waiting for him.

Dec 1 2016

Because it’s not a travel. It is, however, the textbook definition of double dribble, which is very often called.

Dec 1 2016

He’s already well behind the curve. By the time Duncan’s second season even started, he’d already been an All-Star, an All-NBA first-teamer, and an All-Defense second-teamer, and he’d won a playoff series. By the time his second season ended, he had a ring and a Finals MVP.

Nov 22 2016

In an email, a Browns public-relations employee told me the team had only received positive feedback for the career fair, and asked me if I would connect him with the attendees I spoke to so the team could hear directly what they felt went wrong. (I declined.)
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Nov 16 2016

It’s not that he doesn’t love football now. He just chose to play later rather than sooner.

Sep 16 2016

In post-Soviet Russia, you have the right to arm bears.

Sep 13 2016

This is seriously awesome. You’re carrying on the Gawker Media tradition of doing smart, challenging, in your face work. Keep it up.

Sep 9 2016

No. They have to remove them from the game. I think this is the biggest reason that he was never taken out. The last hit (the one offsety by grounding) was the one where he reacted like he got his bell rung, but it would also mean the spotter has effectively forced Carolina to go with Derek Anderson at QB for the Read more

Aug 30 2016

Sadly, not the first Arkansas head coach that can’t keep track of his bitches.

Aug 29 2016

Homey on the left does not look like he’s playing with a full deck of cards.