Dec 29

Great review. I haven’t read “His Dark Materials“ in roughly 20 years, so my memory is hazy. When I didn’t really enjoy the show I began to wonder if the books aren’t as good as I remember them. But now I’m in the middle of “The Secret Commonwealth“, and it reads so much better than the show feels that I am convinced Read more

Oct 30

The only people who call smug child prodigies “annoying” are those who weren't smug child prodigies themselves. ;-)

Sep 18

I agree this was the weakest episode so far, but I’m still holding out hope. Campion can be annoying, but I really hope the Hitler Youth kid who ratted on Father dies by the end of the season.

Sep 14

Leti deserves better than the loose cannon that Tic turns out to be. I didn't like that his violence seemed to scare her, but also attract her. Is that really a message the show wants to put out?

Sep 5

I’ve also been wondering about the other children. Also, it was mentioned that Mother and Father had 12 embryos to work with. Was it ever explained why they only “hatched” six of those?

Sep 4

I like the show so far, but at this point I am wary if I’m going to continue to like it. I don’t have a real handle on what kind of show it is going to be. That is a positive, to be sure, but depending on the story choices down the road I might lose interest.

Jun 2

And now I’m back. I started at the beginning again, and I will now enter unknown territory with the next episode. I heard some of the developments later in the show, and that made me decide to give it another chance. I’m actually curious if I will make it to the end. I think it’s easier to binge the show than to watch Read more

May 29

I hope we’ll see more of Nora Zehetner’s character. For a moment I thought she was really dead, but that would’ve made no sense casting-wise.

May 28

Agreed. I intensely disliked the finale, for all the reasons you give, and for one more: I hated how the effect of the drug took as long as the plot required. The nameless people basically dropped like flies after their first sip, whereas the “important” people took forever. Long enough for them to think and talk Read more

May 27

That was my favorite episode of the whole season. Go figure. I binged them, so I don’t actually remember why I liked this one the most, but I know I did.

May 19

“If your criteria for this series include tastefulness or realism, you’re going to conclude that Mildred Pierce finally loses its way this week.” Read more

May 17

I’m only now watching the show. I have never watched The Vampire Diaries, so I don’t constantly compare the two. I like it better than most people apparently have, and I believe if it came out today it would have better chances. Case in point this comment: Read more

May 12

If the dress was shorter before, was it only a top??

May 11

I really didn’t like this episode, except for Phoebe Waller-Bridge. If there were more than two episodes left I might bail. This way I’m curious enough to see how it ends, but I very much doubt I’d be back for another season, should there even be one.

Apr 16

One of my favorite shows of 2020. Perhaps it will even end up as my favorite. There are things I had hoped for that didn’t happen, but ultimately I loved almost everything about it anyway. I have seen Sonoya Mizuno in a bunch of other shows and movies, but I didn’t recognize her at all. I will have to re-watch both Ex Read more

Nov 22 2019

Sure, any of those are possibilities, but I don’t get why they show that scene in the first place if it doesn’t have any narrative consequences.

Nov 19 2019

How does Lord Boreal get his car unlocked? It seemed to me like they cut a scene there.

Oct 28 2019

I liked last week’s episode a little better, because this one was a bit predictable. But it was still really good, and it shows of the show’s biggest strength, namely its cast. Read more

Oct 23 2019

So far Evil has been fine, but not great IMO. But I will be watching it for as long as it runs because of Katja Herbers. I also have hopes that it will still grow into a great show.