Jun 3 2019

PR need to come up with something fresh and new, because “Shuting down for diversity training” has become so incredibly trite.  Lie to us better  Surprise us with something else to do that doesn’t really do shit, corporateland.

Feb 28 2019

Shopping at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx gives me so much anxiety. I can’t comb the racks for deals like other people. It’s too overwhelming. The only thing I will go to an actual TJ Maxx store for is cat mugs. They have the best selection of cat mugs.

Feb 9 2018

I was prepared to say “Meh, isn’t all ice dancing and pairs just hands and faces in crotches” but I suppose they went a step further with the full “face in crotch nuzzle.” Read more

Feb 1 2018

You can be rich, you can be educated, and doctors will still ignore your symptoms and under-treat your pain if you’re Black. So even if you’ve led a lower stress Black person’s life, there are plenty of ways to get screwed medically.

Jan 25 2018

You know it’s directed by the same guy who directed Fruitvale Station and Creed right? You can expect it to have just as much implicit messaging as Wonder Woman and Fury Road did.

Jan 18 2018

Why would it be difficult to show up for WOC, why would it need to be separate? Why can’t WOC have a voice and a place at the march? Why can’t racism be addressed, how does that take anything away from the issues of equality that face all women? It doesn’t, and it’s not a separate issue. Just show up for everyone, Read more

Jan 3 2018

Who hurt you growing up? Because you have this thing for caping for racist white women and its weird...

Jan 3 2018

She’s someone with one of the biggest platforms in the world and has never used it to speak against the president or any of his policies. Fuck that white privileged bitch and the shitty music she makes.

Dec 19 2017

He didn’t marry someone working in porn and then got an attitude about it. They have been married for several years and she decides to do porn. Part of me thinks this letter is BS.

Dec 19 2017

It’s not cheating if it’s her job. If he doesn’t like it he can leave or she can quit if she wants to. Sex work is work.

Dec 6 2017

Why does Jezebel even bother writing through an intersectional approach when you have hypocrites in the comments? First thing I see is some Becky decrying the Oppression Olympics. GODDAMN IT MUST BE NICE TO BE A WHITE WOMAN HUH?

Nov 12 2017

I feel bad she lost her job, but she’s probably getting unemployment. Puerto Rico has 20% power right now. Flint still has poison water. Kids are gonna spwnd Christmas in homess shelters. Read more

Nov 8 2017

Because your white asses would come there and be stupid just like you’re doing now on the root...

The better question is why can’t white people leave black people alone?