Oct 24 2017

Yeah, this should have been that Black woman in front. She fucked that whole studio up. Poor little white thing didn’t know what she wanted to do during that freestyle.

Aug 7 2017

Welcome! I’ll probably be in the grays forever considering that no will see this lol. But I’m excited to see y’all here.

Jul 26 2017

Thank you. The constant centering specifically in my comments proved your point. It just goes to show, that they can’t help themselves

Jul 24 2017

I feel you on all of this! It’s mostly white women who do this to me and it drives me nuts. I don’t like you and I don’t want to like you. You’re fake and you will stab me in the back as soon as you can. I want white folks to leave me alone.

Jul 21 2017

Let me come out of retirement and say, fuck this show, fuck the eps, the writers, the actors, and the people that watch this. I cannot begin to explain how much the existence of this show will make me rage. I hate all of this.

Apr 13 2017

Girl (I think you are a girl lol) write that book and fuck white people (and others too) who want to read certain narratives. I grew up in the “hood” and have to code switch regularly, but you better believe that I will not have my children (that I may or may not have) grow up in the “hood.” I think diversity is not Read more

Apr 13 2017

Let me just add. I was the gothy anime freak that would wear skull hoodies and fingerless gloves in high school and in college, I was mixing baggy and tight clothing all over the place. Now, I am preppy and hipster AF. Be you! I wish a negro would say something to me. They ain’t paying for shit so they need to shut Read more

Apr 12 2017

Woo lawd have mercy. That fucker will learn when there are no more Black women out to help is sorry ass. Fuck him. Fuck outta here with that bullshit.

Jan 7 2017

I find that you lack reading comprehension and that’s sad. SPB isn’t slacktivsm. It has things for you to do. I also said that it isn’t because it has things for you to do. I bid you adieu dawg.

Jan 7 2017

But the box actually has things in it for you to do. Also to answer the money question, do you expect black women to keep educating folks for free or should they not get paid? White people profit off a lot of shit and a lot of people go with it but as soon as black women want to get paid for their work then it’s a Read more

Dec 21 2016

But he is a prankster, so we can’t believe him! He makes so much money from YouTube, we can’t believe him! But boy who cried wolf, but...not white...but my feelings are right and white...

Dec 20 2016

I still went to listen! I liked the last two songs. I’m just not here for the outfits.