Feb 1 2018

It’s not BS, high performance brake pads are much noisier and generate much more brake dust and you’re right in that the difference in normal driving isn’t astronomical. But there is a difference and if you’re trying to get every last ounce of performance out of your car it’s something you’ll have to put up with. If Read more

Mar 21 2017

I will quietly voice my support. While I agree cars need to be safe, I know there will be no half measure like you speak of. Here in MA, I’ve watched inspections grow from simple safety, through emissions and dyno tests up to California emissions. Once the local muckety mucks get a taste of the sweet expired sticker Read more

Mar 19 2017

I wasnt pushing it so maybe you’re right. Ill go after it a bit more next time ;)

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Mar 8 2017

I only got past that because I was yelling at the TV “if it’s cutting the fuel, bypass the thing and rig up a switch for the fuel pump!” Read more