One of them will be a guest, and one of them will be DLC, of course! Read more

I haven’t finished, but I know already I would pay for Uncle Byron / Medicine Girl DLC.

I think my favorite boss music was that crazy ass Typhon fight music. That was good.

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This happens to me quite frequently as well. The Android app, at least for me, also seems to have connection issues often for me. Read more

Free produce? I smell a trip to Sunny Market coming in the future.  Read more

Started playing this yesterday, and it’s been a delight. Exploration and soul jumping has been fun, to the point where I’ve put off the main story a little bit to collect pearls and trinkets for more outfits. But that main story is a little intriguing, I’m interested to see what the main adversary is exactly up to. Read more

Just a note of clarification: Ubisoft didn’t make this game. That being said, hope you enjoy whatever games you end up playing! Read more

Honestly, playing Forspoken. I’m really enjoying it. It doesn’t break the mold when it comes to open world exploration, but it does make getting around that world super fun and the combat can get interesting when it opens up the different spell trees. The lore and the story have been much more interesting than many of Read more

That option only turns down the chatter the two have while walking around or in battle, not any of the actual story dialogue.

It’s honestly an option I’d prefer in more games, because games never seem to have enough ambient dialogue for battles or walking around for it not to get repetitive.

I also believe a slider on Read more

I had never played an XCOM before picking up Midnight Suns, and found it to be a blast! Everything was relatively easy to pick up, the game is good at explaining things to you (perhaps to a fault, tutorials and rules explanations probably show up way too far after you are already familiar).

It also ramps up the Read more

Control 2 got announced late last year, actually. But I assume there will be a lot on intermingling between the two series. I haven’t played Alan Wake, but the AWE DLC definitely got me interested in the Alan Wake 2. Read more

I finished the Midnight Suns story last night. I found the game very enjoyable. I know some people state that the relationship building parts didn’t live up to what they wanted, but I found them fun and sweet, and if someone wants lore, this game drops a ton of lore on you. I feel like I could recommend the game to a Read more

Insert that Captain America gif here.

Nicely done, Riskbreaker. Read more

Rome not being on this list is so weird. I personally think it’s a top-tier HBO offering.  Read more

I’ve gotten into Steelrising pretty deep. As someone who has been tepid towards soulslikes, this one is doing it for me. I’m loving the setting and the story, which is really propelling me to keep after it, even if some of the enemies are big jerk faces, haha. Read more

Instead of one big book, this should have been:

One novella with the start and end of Nona the Ninth.
One novella of ‘The Book of John’.

Overall, I still enjoyed it, but I do agree with the sentiment that it didn’t reach the heights of Gideon and Harrow. There’s just a lot of stuff (the school stuff, and frankly, Blood Read more

I’m pretty sure that gun shows up next week, if previews are to be believed on where we will travel to.  Read more

So, you can actually make it through the entire area you’re given the zapper for (minus the initial, super small area where you first obtain it) without using it at all. Just use your feline intuition and cat-like reflexes to escape. I believe there is even an achievement for it. Read more

GoG, Steam, iOS, and Android, I believe. Read more

Did you prefer the flotsam or the jetsam? Read more