3/09/19 5:42PM

Oh yeah, forgot about the mail thing.  

2/21/19 11:44AM

This has been a textbook case for why skepticism is always healthy and how wrongheaded the “believe victims” mantra of modern progressives is. A lot of people didn’t feel his story added up and/or was way too perfect when it first came out but were afraid to express skepticism for fear of being branded racist and/or Read more

2/18/19 4:13PM

Nah man, this isn’t the same as calling rape victim liars or being a racist.

This is literally what I’m saying people need to stop doing. You disagree and want to wait for more sources even though to me it seems there’s a lot of evidence. Fine, that’s cool.

Stop there.  Stop calling everyone who disagrees with you a Read more

2/18/19 2:16PM

It’s just so damn horrible. If he did this, he deserves whatever the system has in store. There is enough actual violence and horribleness in this world without having to fake something like this. How could he do this?

2/18/19 12:51PM

YES. And this is why we need to stop collectively jumping the gun when shit like this happens. If none of this is true, we have all been had. And on here, its made to seem like skepticism goes hand in hand with homophobia, racism etc. You cant call out bullshit with out getting flammed and its annoying. Not only that, Read more

2/18/19 12:47PM

You serious? They won’t even say he’s a suspect and they have a full confession from his accomplices.

They’re being careful as hell because he’s a celebrity with two big groups at his back - black and gay communities can come hard with protests.  That’s like saying Mueller would have arrested Trump if he had any Read more

2/18/19 9:51AM

It’s really a lot for us to be expected to believe, isn’t it? Bleach and a noose. in Chicago. Those were the things that made zero sense all together for me. And I thought of a case like this where the perps actually did get away with it- the JonBenet Ramsey case. Many people are lying there, and I doubt they truth Read more

2/17/19 12:21PM

But at this level? With publicity, tabloid involvement, the FBI and the police? Of course regular people lie all the time and get away with it. But these high-profile mystery victim assault cases almost never end up being true.

2/17/19 1:37AM

This. It's a profession that basically attracts attention seeking folks like a magnet.

2/16/19 11:58PM

Well put. I don’t even think white people are doing it to make black people happy. I think they are doing it to discredit other white people, particularly political enemies, in order to shore up their power. I’m not sure how much of it is rooted in actual concern for “marginalized” groups instead of some weird game of Read more

2/16/19 10:34PM

I’m black too. That’s why I laugh at sites like this. I wrote this the other day, but it’s just white people screaming at other white people for being white... and it’s all for this kinda sadistic need to make black people happy. Just use your head man. Take race out of it. Most people are good. Some people are bad.

2/16/19 10:31PM

I saw conflicting reports, one that he said his attacked were white, one that said that he couldn’t discern the race due to the masks and gloves. But when I heard they were Nigerians, the first thing I thought was “he never mentioned the accents?” Most crime victims who hear their attacker’s voice can describe it, and Read more

2/16/19 9:04PM

I will not say it sounded fishy. I’ll say that, being a lawyer, I have been privy to hate crimes in the past. And while I did not automatically think he lied, I did think “that’s kind of....perfect.” I mean, it was the description of what would basically be a textbook hate crime - epithets, a noose, bleach, the MAGA Read more

1/30/19 5:12PM

His story doesnt add up. I live in Chicago, it was freezing that night, you dont see many white boys walking around with MAGA hats walking around at 2am with bleach and a noose. I never have actually. There hasnt been any footage and he changed his story after. If this turns out to be a hoax its not a good look for Read more

1/30/19 2:44PM

From CNN: “So far, in a place with a high number of private surveillance cameras, they cannot find any images of the two alleged attackers. After combing through hundreds of hours of videos, the only image of Smollett police obtained from security cameras was inside the Subway sandwich shop near the location of the Read more

1/30/19 12:22PM

Things are getting a little sketchy with this whole story. CNN is just now reporting, “So far, in a place so far with a high number of private surveillance cameras, they cannot find any images of the two alleged attackers. After combing through hundreds of hours of videos, the only image of Smollett police obtained Read more