3/09/19 8:26PM

OK well he may not have as much liquidity as I thought, but his name and notoriety certainly bought him expensive representation. Read more

3/08/19 8:00PM

At this point I think we're down to R. Kelly, and that's only because he's waiting to see the judge.

3/08/19 7:51PM

He’s not gonna get 64 years. He won’t even get 64 days. With his fame, money, and legal help he may not even serve 30 days, and maybe zero. Read more

2/18/19 11:40PM

More than anything what impressed me about the book was Malcolm’s transformation over time. He really was a truth seeker. Sadly others around him were not. Read more

2/17/19 1:16PM

Oh I agree that THIS type thing almost never ends up being true, or if there’s any truth it’s significantly different than what was initially claimed. Read more

2/17/19 5:37AM

Of course that’s what this is. There’s no great plan or message behind it. Read more

2/16/19 10:55PM

Oh come on now. You know that didn’t happen. It was clearly made up by guys on his side as a cover to his behavior. There’s no evidence that word was used and he doesn’t even claim that it was. Read more