GTI Sprinks
Jul 9

Dude, just become a licensed mechanic already. Establish a mechanic collective. Share a garage where you can work on one of your cars sometimes and work on other people’s jalops to pay for the port space. Get permission to do stories on customers jalops. Make videos. Make some cash. Read more

Jul 7

That stems from the consistent failures of brown and white allies to truly practice and embody the tenets of anti-racism. Read more

Jun 29

As someone who has paid good money for gunfighting hardware and software, people like them remind me why I only want me and mine owning guns (the NFA keeps the 2nd Amendment from combating actual tyranny).
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Jun 27

Yep. If there’s one thing these giant corporations are good at, it’s grinding, multi-year, heinously-expensive lawsuits over petty bullshit. The judge should have gone a step farther and just bonked their heads together and told them to cut it the fuck out.

Jun 27

Funny how everyone who doesn’t like a judge’s de-scions claims “profound abuse of power” instead of citing actual law and precedent as to why the ruling but was wrong. Read more

Jun 23

From the perspective of the government, a new body style needs a new crash test. So it doesn’t make sense for this, because it’s too expensive, but VW can afford to re-test for the “coupe” version of the Atlas. *sigh*

Jun 22

Whoever buys it, should stream it’s renovation on Youtube. I’d guarantee you it would easily go viral. Somebody needs to do it. If I knew anything about car restoration, I’d have done it yesterday. 

Jun 16

How, how, how could you not include his vacation briefs? I’m pretty sure they’re in the lead picture for the article.

Jun 2

Right, I don’t see how the copyright holder would have any right to seize the vehicle. I can see having him take down the videos, but not seeing how it would result in the car being seized (couldn’t he take the parts and use it in another project?) Read more

Mar 4 2019

Fuck Van Jones. I believe he is setting himself up to be the next Candace Owens and trying to make it look like a natural progression. I assume they pay well.