GTI Sprinks
Mar 3

How much you wanna bet that if a black driver unintentionally hurt someone while being forced to flee a group of Trump-supporting white supremacists during a “stop the steal” rally that these new laws suddenly wouldn’t apply

Feb 10

Turns out, “The Middle” is actually the part of the road Springsteen was driving on.

Feb 8

One side literally just stormed the US capitol, erected gallows, and threatened to hang politicians. So no, I have zero desire for unity with anyone who supported that, and the fact that we still have politicians who defend it is disgusting.

Dec 14

You think that a 4500lb Camry with 30 more horsepower will be faster than a 2800lb YarisGR?

Oct 25

I think that 25% of the people answering this saying that they did their own install are liars. I’m very capable of most electrical work, on regular 120v house current. I’ve wired 240 and 480v electrical motors and such at work, but these were items that simple plugged into test pigtails. I won’t mess with anything Read more

Oct 9

That’s dealer list price, not private sale price. I don’t know the condition of his car but I’d bet he’d be lucky to see 13k for it

Sep 8

I don’t know but I will say I was VERY disappointed to hear of that incident. I know almost everyone involved with the hillclimb and it seriously pisses me off that any one of them said that

Sep 8

Remember when Montana went to Reasonable and Prudent and had to go back from it because people went “oh you mean a speed that far outstrips my actual driving ability?” Read more