Nov 14 2017

So, by ‘rotary’ you mean a ‘roundabout’? I’m not judging, I just want to know if we’re on the same page here.

Sep 20 2017

Let me get in on this. I’ll always miss my Hung Jury, but man, the versatility of Nameless Midnight is great. Fed the mini tool into Riskrunner too.

Sep 11 2017

No, but every bullet is inscribed with “shot from my Hard Light”.

Sep 10 2017

If you use the gun, do you have to only use “natural” healing that will eventually result in your death?

Apr 28 2017

Seems to me like there is an easy solution to the problem. Just make the rewards for successfully killing another player or team outweigh the risk. Something like some kickass weapons, armour etc. would probably do the job.

Mar 30 2017

I would be interested to see the number of 8 year loans with a sizable down payment or people carrying external gap insurance.

Mar 14 2017

My family has a cabin just across the bay from where this happened...

Mar 7 2017

Mercedes should just say “screw it”, we are just going to F*** with google and our customers and rename their entire product like with absurd labels.

Feb 24 2017

I’ve driven a couple of stock WRX models back when they were new to the market. Then my dad bought a VW R32, which changed my mind. The feel, the smell, the interior, the was an aesthetic love. It did about 90% of everything the STi could do, all while being far less a target for cops and boy-racers. And Read more

Feb 21 2017

Throw in the personal automotive shopper for said rich guy’s car collection and you have my dream as well.

Feb 3 2017

I got one of these on Lease on with some pretty extreme discounts in 2015. 9/10 would lease again. My main gripes, the small LCD digital tach, the fact that the trans will still shift for you in manual mode (let me take if off the rev limiter damnit) and the fact that unless you get a performance pack model you CANNOT Read more

Feb 2 2017

Megalon* it’s right there in his caption

Jan 31 2017

He’d ask about the time machine seeing as “Czechoslovakia” hasn’t existed for years and would have to cross 2 other countrie first!