3/16/18 1:25PM

It is I... the greatest letter of the alphabet... who are you though???

3/16/18 1:24PM

He wants to make sure he wasn’t the only one!!! LOL

3/16/18 9:41AM

Is there a limit for the amount of times I have jizzed in my pants watching this trailer?? Asking for a friend!!!

3/15/18 9:26AM

I just happened to be on that same boat... Too many issues with continuity and the gotham lore... thought I have to admit that Penguin is as always the show stealer... they should just do a spin-off with him!!

3/08/18 10:19AM

Please boycott Michael Bay making Robopocalypse!!! He will destroy what would otherwise be an amazing movie given to the right director... LIKE SPIELBERG!!!!

5/22/17 1:26PM

The victim in this video is actually one of my closest friends and as I told him personally, I commend him for not giving into the hatred that was spewing out of this guy’s pores. In the end my friend did NOT press charges against this jerk because he honestly felt bad for him and just wanted this video to be proof Read more

4/19/17 1:46PM

Not for nothing, but I think Jackson 5 - One more Chance should be on here as it was the first song to play when Peter put the Vol.2 tape in the player at the end of GotG. Am I thinking too much in to it??

3/01/17 10:42AM

Dude I just spit out my coffee with that... WELL PLAYED MY FRIEND!!!

1/25/17 12:59PM

I have the score on my google playlist and I love it!!! Black Tears is by far one of my favorite tracks!!! I am very excited to Hear Tyler’s music again!!!

12/02/16 12:53PM

Is it me or does the face sculpture on the bottom left look EXACTLY like Donnie Yen?? Is he gonna be on Season 2??? Please say yes!!!

4/26/16 9:57AM

This needs to be made... LIKE YESTERDAY!!!

2/24/16 1:05PM

Remember when they were gonna cast Leo Dicaprio and Garrett Hedlund for Akira??? Yeeeeeeeeeeah.... I will just leave that there.

1/12/16 8:16AM

The most iconic part of the movie!!! I STILL BELIEVE!!!!

12/18/15 10:52AM

All I see with this is black on black crime.... SMH

12/10/15 4:30PM

Reminds me of “My Pet Monster”.... EXACTLY LIKE IT!!!

10/07/15 8:57AM

Wasn’t the remake already done when they made The Lazarus Effect??