Gabriel Chase
Jun 19

If anyone hasn’t seen The Sweet Hereafter yet, just go do it. Ian Holm & Sarah Polley both absolutely crush their roles and the movie is just haunting and beautiful and depressing.

May 27

I once spent an evening in a dingy hotel room in Madagascar watching episodes of Criminal Minds dubbed into French while I rode out a wave of food poisoning that left me puking my guts out every 10 minutes. Now I can’t flip past re-runs of the show without feeling a little queasy. Read more

May 19

I’ll use his mention to once again, probably for the 100th time, ask the AV Club: “WHEN, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DOES GREG BERLANTI SLEEP?!”

May 12

I was hoping they’d cover Sister Act 2 in this, because much like the more recent defense of Pops in House Party, Ralph’s role in SA2 was a thankless one that she elevates immensely because she’s Sheryl Lee Ralph. And, if her daughter wasn’t Lauryn Hill, she’d almost certainly be correct — and she relents basically as Read more

May 9

His is a life that honestly you think is made up, and then you see the facts, and accept that there are folk out there that were in the right place at the right time and always made an impact. Read more

May 5

Palimpsest and haberdashery are entirely cromulent words and I will not have them so scurrilously impugned.

May 5

Interestingly, “five foxes fucking” was in an older version of The Twelve Days of Christmas.

May 1

It’s very simple casting given how alien Quinto looks, but he would absolutely make an utterly sensational Brainiac. Seriously, he would absolutely crush a role like that.