General Santa Anna Kendrick Lamar Odom's Leg

I still haven’t watched Girls or any other Dunham-related works. And I think it’s best that I leave it that way. lol.

If that movie isn’t called Fas10 Your Seatbelts, there will be riots.

You son of a bitch, I’m in.

If you were lucky enough to be alive in the early 90's you’ll remember this dickhead trying to sell you a set of Encyclopedia Britannica. Same energy.

What, you don’t trust Discount Brad Pitt?

Popped collar. Neckbeard. Lack of tangible eyebrows. Bond villain glasses.

“Nobody can blame GOP voters for wanting a phone that prioritizes privacy” Read more

Not a football fan, but I liked Sherman personally because he was smart, thoughtful, and intentional. And I know what kind of weight that can have on a PoC, even with the success he has had, so a breakdown is often inevitable. Read more

Tell me you’re a racist without telling me you’re a racist 

Thanks for noticing, it was intentional. Also, a play on canker.

Smith says that “slavery wasn’t originally about race”. This could be construed as a true statement. Slavery was originally about labor issues. The colonists didn’t care if their slave was black, native, or Asian. They just wanted cheap labor and because these people didn’t have any rights in their legal system, Read more

Is that Diamond and Silk’s nephew, B. Dazzle?

I think it’s a typo for “chancre” which is a painless genital ulcer most commonly formed during the primary stage of syphilis ... I couldn’t wish it on a more appropriate, uh, patient! Read more

I’m imagining it’s a typo of “cancer” but “cancre” in French also means a dunce. By which I mean: touche for the pun!

Well quelle surprise! Fuck him and fuck anybody that had anything to do with him (cough-Brett Kavanaugh-cough). He’s a cancre on America’s political scene, and his very existence points to some very deep rot indeed. Read more

Came to say took this person 20 years to tell us what we knew 20 years ago. Another portrait in courage.