To all the greys insisting that her *other* career is how she should be identified: Read more

They’re doing weekly 1 coin specials. Last week was 30 incense for 1 coin and 100 pokeballs for 1 coin. This week it’s 50 greatballs for 1 coin. Read more

I don’t play Fortnite but God-gamn their end of season events cool. I wish other games did stuff like this.  Read more

Parents. Parents buy this for kids, just like the 3DS. It’s amazing how many of you still don’t understand Nintendo.  Read more

We’re all glad for your input. Read more

And there’s also his upcoming wedding to Ice T to consider. By all accounts James cannot wait to become Mr Lipton-Ice T. Read more

The story is not just that the league’s structure encourages the Pelicans to sit AD. The story is also that the Pelicans FO and ownership have been so incompetent for so long that they’ve managed to take a perennial top-5 player, and fail to build a playoff team around him, and fuck up to the point that it makes sense Read more

I’m surprised he doesn’t spit fireballs. Read more

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Or you could cut your hand off and replace it with prosthetic arm and do CRAZY STUFF LIKE THIS!

Can we stop for a second and talk about how I thought that was a plastic doll hand for a minute. Am I the only one that sees it? Read more

Coincidentally, her seemingly plastic fingers in that photo look like the fish on a shichirin. Also, who tattoos their palm? Not judging...but.......hrmmm.   Read more

I can’t tear my eyes off of Eric Gordon’s reaction in that GIF. Read more

Feels like such a lackluster list after last year. I mean, Green Book, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Black Panther? I don’t see how any of them are contenders for best picture in a sane world. It’s not like it was a bad year, they could have thrown a bone to Eighth Grade, or I hear First Reformed is good, but instead they’re Read more

Some people just want to watch the world burn.
Read more

far because you’ve never left your flyover town Read more

I’m blocking deadspin from my Google feed after this story.  Read more

The Twilight Princess Picross game was a lot of fun. It was the first Picross game I played and I really enjoyed it, but I think it’s weird that they didn’t basically take the same engine and just spit out sequels based on other Nintendo franchises. Where’s my Metroid Prime Picross? Where’s my Kirby’s Picross? (I Read more