2/11/20 1:22PM

I’ll maintain that VIII is probably my least favorite of the Squaresoft-era Final Fantasies. I was 16 when it released and despite being the target demo (16 year old girls who could fawn over Squall and appreciate the love story), I thought the story was shit. I attempted to replay it last year thinking that maybe it Read more

11/27/19 10:09AM

This show with this cast and these writers was two (short) seasons old. Stop being a disingenuous prick.

8/09/19 10:52PM

For XIV I’d say it’s min-maxing time investment with class choice and as such I would suggest our edgy boi DARK KNIGHT. Read more

8/09/19 4:28PM

After only two posts I know for an absolute certainty that you are a complete douche.

8/09/19 3:46PM

Any Dad Build in D2 MUST include Thunderlord.

1) It’s easy to obtain (the quest is relatively simple, and very little grind)
2) Can clear the room of low-level PvE enemies in 1 mag or less
3) has the fastest time-to-kill of any machine gun in PvP Read more

7/09/19 10:13AM

How many times are you going to recycle this ONE story? Why not dredge up the old Garrison Keillor story or the Mariah Carey story or Hope Solo story instead?

6/10/19 9:27PM

This may sound crazy, but if you loved everything about the older game and its playstyle... you can still play the older game with its playstyle. It will always be there. For something new, I can see why they’d want to modernize some aspects because that battle system is 20+ years old and they get to bring back Read more

6/10/19 9:25PM

This is pretty much the best option imo. There’s no way it would appeal to a wide audience if it was an old turn based combat style. This is a compromise that blends action-rpg with turn-based RPG and it looks absolutely amazing to me.

6/10/19 9:24PM

I mean, you could just keep playing the original. I was impressed by the combat on this.

6/10/19 12:22AM

I cannot objectively nor subjectively find the combat system of XIII to be at least pleasing...
A race against time for having the skill of selecting menu choices and paradigm shifts while auto attacking.
At least with a gambit system similar to XII’s, it could’ve become a deep and satisfying combat system.
Therefore Read more

5/28/19 11:41AM

Agreed. Being a very good boy is a state of being that transcends the surly bonds of gender, as well as the shallow confines of English pronouns and naming conventions.

5/16/19 1:01PM

Ok but what about the fact that via gerrymandering, disenfranchisement and the closure of polling offices makes it really hard for the people who’d be voting against these folks to actually even vote?  If the laws are rewritten to specifically help out white Republican voters while freezing out the rest, what do you Read more

2/13/19 2:57PM

Last year, Gizmodo Media Group editorial had layoffs. But because we’re unionized, we were able to get a seat at the table to ensure that we were all kept informed, and we convinced our parent company Univision to instead offer buyouts, allowing those who wanted to leave the company to leave by choice (with 4 months Read more