Nov 27

Dude. This is a serious bummer. I’ve watched pretty much the entirety of The Return more times than I can count. WTF, man....

Nov 10 2018

There’s an excellent line by Phosporescent in “Song for Zula”: Some say love is a burning thing, that it makes a fiery ring. Ah, but I know love/ as a caging thing/ Just a killer come to call from some awful dream.. Read more

May 19 2018

I’m down. I guess some of the people on here never saw Meet the Feebles. Now THAT will mess up your day and ruin your childhood a hell of a lot quicker than this. I just hope it’s actually funny.

Nov 25 2017

Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain and Far Cry Primal. Unopened. Still.

Oct 26 2017

“Crying like little bitches”? Dude, when the Junkrat is spamming “dipstick!” over and over and over: That sucks. If people can’t use things responsibly, you take them away. Or you alter the way it works so it can’t be abused. And if people enjoy the game by annoying the crap out of other players? Screw them.

Dec 27 2016

I hope it’s good. The problem: it looks like the same story over and over again. A ship with a motley crew sets down on a mysterious planet. They come across Alien stuff. Eggs open, face huggers, stuff goes wrong, ship blows up, people are stranded, aliens start killing everybody. Same shit, different day.

Sep 16 2016

I’m trying not to freak out on a daily basis. I work as a nurse in a pediatric cardiac ICU and this stuff stresses me out more.

Jun 6 2016

It starts off as a great game, and it does many things right. The battle system is cool. But the story begins to unravel as it moves along. And FFXII suffers from some seriously boring/annoying dungeons. Getting special items and weapons through chests that have a incredibly small chance of appearing COMBINED with an Read more

Oct 30 2013

It can't play Mp3's??? That is one of my PS3's primary functions!.... How is this even remotely "next generation"?!...

Jul 28 2013

I think it may be time for anonymity in online gaming to be nixed. Clearly how things work now help to create this behavior. And it is inexcusable. No one should be able to hide while saying things like this.